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Oracle 1z0-1082-22 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Managing a PCM Custom Application Build
  • Set up and configure Cloud security
Topic 2
  • Describe Smart View and EPM Cloud extensions
  • Profitability and Cost Management Overview
Topic 3
  • Set up definitions for import format, locations, period mappings, category mappings
  • Perform a Pre-Update Analysis and Update Dimensions
Topic 4
  • Design reports using Financial Reporting Web Studio
  • Build EPM Cloud automation routines - Job Scheduler, EPMAutomate
Topic 5
  • Describe logic accounts and identify use cases
  • Perform model and rule data validation
Topic 6
  • Describe types of queries run from the Intelligence Panel
  • Perform batch processing - define batch, execute batch, schedule job
Topic 7
  • Describe Profitability and Cost Management system architecture and requirements
  • Create application with dimensions from flat files
Topic 8
  • Percentage of Practitioner Level Objectives
  • Back up applications and migrate artifacts

Oracle Profitability and Cost Management 2022 Implementation Professional Sample Questions (Q40-Q45):

Given the following possible actions:
1. Register a Source System
2. Register a Target Application
3. Create an Import Format
4. Define a Location
5. Create a Point of View
6. Define mappings for Period and Category
7. Define mappings for all dimensions
8. Define mappings for only those dimensions requiring mappings
9. Create a Data Load Rule
What are the required steps in Data Management to create a data Integration for Profitability and Cost Management?

  • A. 1,2,3,4,6,7,9
  • B. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9
  • C. 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9
  • D. 1,2,3,4,6,8,9
  • E. 1,2,3,4,8,0

Answer: E

For which two of these purposes can you use model views?

  • A. To create analysis views for specific slices of data
  • B. To filter the results when tracing allocations or performing rule balancing
  • C. To assign data grants to specific slices of data
  • D. When mass editing rules, to limit the edits to a subset of the data
  • E. When copying POVs, to limit the copy to a subset of the data

Answer: A,E

Your Profitability and Cost Management Cloud application contains a product dimension with 150 products. You've received a dimension data file containing only a list of 10 new products that need to be added to the current product dimension. You use the file to import the new product members, using the Update Dimensions option in the Profitability Application Console.
Which result describes what will happen?

  • A. The dimension update fails with errors and no changes are made to the product dimension.
  • B. The product dimension is replaced by the contents of the update file; only the 10 new members reside in the product dimension after the update.
  • C. The 10 new members are appended to the bottom of the existing product dimension.
  • D. The 10 new members are merged Into the product dimension and sorted alphabetically.

Answer: B

Which dimension Is required for a Profit Curve chart In the application?

  • A. Profit Dimension
  • B. Profit Attribute Dimension
  • C. Point of View Dimensions
  • D. Department Dimension

Answer: A

Assume the computer hardware supports parallel calculation. Given these two rule sets, in what order will the rules be calculated?

  • A. Rule 1, Rule A, and Rule 5 will run in parallel while Rule 2, Rule 3, and Rule 6 also run in parallel (one calculation step).
  • B. Rule 1, Rule A, and Rule 5 will run In parallel; then Rule 2, Rule, 3, and Rule 6 will run in parallel (two separate calculation steps).
  • C. Rule 1; then Rule 2 and Rule 3 will run in parallel; then Rule 4 and Rule 5 will run in parallel; then Rule 6 (four separate calculation steps).
  • D. Rule 1; then Rule 4 and Rule 5 will run in parallel; then Rule 2 and Rule 3 will run in parallel; then Rule 6 (four separate calculation steps).

Answer: C


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