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NetApp NS0-303 Exam Topics:

Security- Describe data security concepts
- Identify data compliance concepts
NetApp Hybrid Cloud Fundamentals- Identify networking concepts
- Identify compute concepts
- Identify hybrid cloud storage fundamentals
- Describe how to automate configurations
- Describe availability concepts
Administration- Demonstrate knowledge how to administer the NetApp hybrid cloud
- Describe NetApp supported container solutions
- Demonstrate knowledge of NetApp data protection options for hybrid cloud workloads

NetApp NS0-303 Exam Certification Details:

Duration90 minutes
Exam RegistrationPEARSON VUE
Sample QuestionsNetApp NS0-303 Sample Questions
Exam Price$150 USD
Number of Questions60

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Network Appliance NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud - Administrator Sample Questions (Q14-Q19):

As the site reliability engineer, you have successfully deployed Kubernetes clusters on AWS and Google Cloud Platform using NetApp Kubernetes Service.
In this scenario, what would enable you to manage these clusters through a single management Interface?

  • A. Helm Charts
  • B. NetApp Trident
  • C. Istlo
  • D. Federation

Answer: D

Click the Exhibit button.
You are troubleshooting a failed SnapMirror relationship between two Cloud Volumes ONTAP instances. The source is Azure, and the destination is AWS.
Referring to the exhibit, which connection endpoints need to be verified?

  • A. AWS VPC and on-premises network
  • B. OnCommand Cloud Manager and Azure VNet
  • C. OnCommand Cloud Manager and AWS VPC
  • D. AWS VPC and Azure VNet

Answer: B

You are operating a NetApp AFF system. You are creating Snapshot copies on all volumes every four hours. You keep the copies for 30 days. You also have StorageGRID installed with available capacity. You are running out of disk space and want to free up space in the most cost effective way without losing any Snapshot copies.
In this scenario, which statement is correct?

  • A. Add an external capacity tier to your aggregates and set the tiering policy to snapshot-only.
  • B. Add a tape library and copy the Snapshot copies to it every day.
  • C. Deactivate Snapshot copies on all volumes.
  • D. Add additional SSDs to your aggregates.

Answer: D

You have deployed a Cloud Volumes ONTAP Multi Availability Zone HA instance into your AWS account. After deployment, you are unable to connect to the data LIF using NFS, SMB, or iSCSI.
Which configuration setting would you verify to ensure that access to the data LIF is allowed?

  • A. Cloud Manager User permissions
  • B. Security Group D18912E1457D5D1DDCBD40AB3BF70D5D
  • C. Active Directory permissions
  • D. Network Access Control List

Answer: B

You created a volume with Cloud Volumes Service for AWS for an analytics application. The application using the volume requires maximum performance. You have set the service level to "extreme". All the analysis takes place between 9:00 A.m. and 5:00 p.m.
In this scenario, how would you optimize storage cost?

  • A. Create a new volume with a lower service level.
  • B. Use the API to lower the service level of the volume during off-peak hours.
  • C. Use the built-in sync service to move the volume to another region with lower cost storage.
  • D. Reduce the capacity of the volume.

Answer: B


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