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Salesforce Data-Architect Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Recommend techniques to ensure data is persisted in a consistent manner
  • Design a data model that scales considering large data volume and solution performance
Topic 2
  • Describe techniques to represent a single view of the customer on the Salesforce platform
  • Recommend appropriate techniques and methods for ensuring high data quality at load time
Topic 3
  • Decide when to use virtualised data and describe virtualised data options
  • Compare and contrast various techniques and considerations for exporting data from Salesforce
Topic 4
  • Recommend and use techniques for establishing a "golden record" or "system of truth"
  • Recommend a data archiving and purging plan that is optimal for customer's data storage management needs
Topic 5
  • Compare and contrast various techniques and considerations for designing a data model
  • Compare and contrast the various techniques, approaches and considerations for implementing Master Data Management Solutions
Topic 6
  • Recommend a design to effectively consolidate and
  • or leverage data from multiple Salesforce instances
  • Compare and contrast various techniques, approaches and considerations
Topic 7
  • Compare and contrast the different reasons for implementing Big Objects vs Standard
  • Custom objects within a production instance
  • Discuss the various options to identify, classify and protect personal and sensitive information
Topic 8
  • Recommend approaches and techniques for consolidating data attributes from multiple sources
  • Given a scenario with multiple systems of interaction

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Salesforce Certified Data Architect Sample Questions (Q88-Q93):

North Trail Outfitters (NTO) operates a majority of its business from a central Salesforce org, NTO also owns several secondary orgs that the service, finance, and marketing teams work out of, At the moment, there is no integration between central and secondary orgs, leading to data-visibility issues.
Moving forward, NTO has identified that a hub-and-spoke model is the proper architect to manage its data, where the central org is the hub and the secondary orgs are the spokes.
Which tool should a data architect use to orchestrate data between the hub org and spoke orgs?

  • A. A middleware solution that extracts and distributes data across both the hub and spokes.
  • B. A backup and archive solution that extracts and restores data across orgs.
  • C. Develop custom APIs to poll the spoke for change data and push into the org.
  • D. Develop custom APIs to poll the hub org for change data and push into the spoke orgs.

Answer: A

Cloud Kicks currently has a Public Read/Write sharing model for the company's Contacts. Cloud Kicks management team requests that only the owner of a contact record be allowed to delete that contact.
What should an Architect do to meet these requirements?

  • A. Set the profile of the users to remove delete permission from the Contact object.
  • B. Check if the current user is NOT the owner by creating a "before delete" trigger.
  • C. Check if the current user is NOT the owner by creating a validation rule on the Contact object.
  • D. Set the Sharing settings as Public Read Only for the Contact object.

Answer: B

Universal Containers (UC) is concerned about the accuracy of their Customer information in Salesforce. They have recently created an enterprise-wide trusted source MDM for Customer data which they have certified to be accurate. UC has over 20 million unique customer records in the trusted source and Salesforce. What should an Architect recommend to ensure the data in Salesforce is identical to the MDM?

  • A. Extract the Salesforce data into Excel and manually compare this against the trusted source.
  • B. Use an AppExchange package for Data Quality to match Salesforce data against the Trusted source.
  • C. Leave the data in Salesforce alone and assume that it will auto-correct itself over time.
  • D. Load the Trusted Source data into Salesforce and run an Apex Batch job to find difference.

Answer: B

An architect has been asked to provide error messages when a future date is detected in a custom Birthdate _c field on the Contact object. The client wants the ability to translate the error messages. What are two approaches the architect should use to achieve this solution? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Create a validation rule and translate the error message with translation workbench.
  • B. Create a workflow field update to set the standard ErrorMessage field.
  • C. Implement a third -party validation process with translate functionality.
  • D. Create a trigger on Contact and add an error to the record with a custom label.

Answer: A,D

Universal Containers (UC) has multi -level account hierarchies that represent departments within their major Accounts. Users are creating duplicate Contacts across multiple departments. UC wants to clean the data so as to have a single Contact across departments. What two solutions should UC implement to cleanse their data? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Use Workflow rules to standardize Contact information to identify and prevent duplicates.
  • B. Make use of a third -party tool to help merge duplicate Contacts across Accounts.
  • C. Use Data.com to standardize Contact address information to help identify duplicates.
  • D. Make use of the Merge Contacts feature of Salesforce to merge duplicates for an Account.

Answer: B,C


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