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HP HPE3-U01 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Central requisites and communication to AP
  • Antenna usage and fundamentals
Topic 2
  • Aruba OS-CX Network Operating System- CLI contexts
  • Defining networking, LAN, WAN and their components
Topic 3
  • Stages of the Central wizard to deploy a WLAN
  • Compare Unicast, Multicast, and Broadcast
Topic 4
  • Management and control frames
  • Inter-VLAN routing process
Topic 5
  • Differentiate between local and server-based mgmt
  • Convert Numbering Systems
  • Numerical Conversion
Topic 6
  • Aruba Central as a Cloud-Based Mgmt platform
  • Explain MAC table-based switching
Topic 7
  • Common Networking Services- DHCP, DNS, HTTP, SSH, FTP, LLDP, ICMP
  • Explain and avoid L2 loops
Topic 8
  • Describe how common L2 to L7 protocols works
  • Explain the TCP 3-way handshake
Topic 9
  • RF Communications – RF signal propagation
  • Network Communications Model
Topic 10
  • Compare and describe Collison and Broadcast domains
  • Describe MAC address and ARP forwarding tables

HP Aruba Certified Network Technician Exam Sample Questions (Q46-Q51):

To which wireless device category do a hardwire desktop PC belongs?

  • A. highly mobile devices
  • B. intermittent mobile devices
  • C. stationary devices
  • D. somewhat mobile devices

Answer: A

What is considered a Layer 2 component?

  • A. UTP cable
  • B. Router
  • C. Switch
  • D. Transceiver

Answer: C

Refer to exhibit:
PC-1 is sending a packet to PC-2. What are the Layer 2 and Layer 3 source addresses of the message when it is received by PC-2? (Select two.)

  • A. source IP is
  • B. source IP is
  • C. source MAC is 00:50:56:B1:94:9F
  • D. source MAC is 90:20:C2:BC:2D:FD
  • E. destination MAC is 88:77:24:97:A1:D2

Answer: D,E

You are managing an ArubaOS-CX switch using the CLl. The current prompt reads "Switch(config-if>#".
Which single CLI command should you issue to move back to the Manager context?

  • A. disable
  • B. exit
  • C. end
  • D. quit

Answer: C

Refer to Exhibit.
The PC is sending a message to the server. Which devices have performed Layer 2 encapsulation by the time the message arrives at the server? (Select two.)

  • A. PC
  • B. switch-2
  • C. Router
  • D. Switch-1
  • E. Server

Answer: B,D


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