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AD0-E710 Reliable Exam Syllabus - Reliable AD0-E710 Test Vce

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Adobe AD0-E710 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Apply design changes to categories, products and CMS pages using admin configuration
  • Admin configuration and PageBuilder
Topic 2
  • Describe interactions between UI components
  • Describe the difference between specific partial files
Topic 3
  • Explain the hierarchy of styles ( lib, modules, themes)
  • Demonstrate the ability to implement different types of mixins
Topic 4
  • Demonstrate the ability to initialize and call JavaScript components
  • Demonstrate the usage of JS components using Layout XML
Topic 5
  • Understand the difference between extending
  • merging and overriding XML
  • Demonstrate the ability to utilize layout XML instructions
Topic 6
  • Demonstrate the ability to implement and customize LESS library components
  • Identify the purpose of styles-m.less, styles-l.less, print.less
Topic 7
  • Demonstrate ability to customize transactional emails
  • Theme management (Theme hierarchy, image configuration, translations)
Topic 8
  • Distinguish use cases for different JavaScript components
  • Demonstrate the usage of jQuery widgets

Adobe Commerce Front-End Developer Expert Sample Questions (Q66-Q71):

An Adobe Commerce developer has been asked to add a template "view.phtml to a block "orange_view" . The
"orange_view'' block is added in the| as:
Which option would the developer use to define the template in the ''block vendor\orange\Block\view?

  • A. protected $template = 'Vendor_Orage::view.phtml'
  • B. protected $_template = 'Vendor\Orange::view.phtml'
  • C. protected $_template = 'Vendor_Orange::view.phtml

Answer: A

An Adobe Commerce developer created a theme, Vendor/gallery, and three languages available for deployment en_us, es_ES, and br_BR.
How would the developer deploy the static content only for the theme Vendor/gallery and language es_ES?

  • A. AD0-E710-9cb146227adc5a4ed68ecd1c6a885026.jpg
  • B. AD0-E710-4351f1a69963d9fdda62bfb696d84e19.jpg
  • C. AD0-E710-2997e703978214cfbc452c50d238bd90.jpg

Answer: C

An Adobe Commerce developer is using a view model within an existing block:
What are two ways to access the view model class in the template? (Choose two.)

  • A. $block->viewModel()
  • B. $block->getData( ' viewModel ' )
  • C. $block->getviewModel()
  • D. $block->getData( ' view_model ' )

Answer: B,D

An Adobe Commerce Developer is adding a new page layout to the theme directory within a custom theme.
Which file needs to be created to register the new page layout?

  • A. app/design/fronted/<VendorName>/<ThemeName>Magento_Theme/layout/layouts.xml
  • B. app/design/fronted/<VendorName>/<ThemeName>/layouts.xml
  • C. app/design/frontend/VendorName>/<ThemeName>/Magento_Theme/layouts,xml

Answer: A

Which two steps are required to delete a manually installed theme? (Choose two.)

  • A. Disable the theme from the backend admin configuration
  • B. Remove the directory app/design/frontend/<VendorName>/<ThemeName>
  • C. Remove the theme using the theme:uninstall CLI command
  • D. Remove the theme record from the theme database table

Answer: C,D


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