The first headstone is found very close to the Ozhorn Lost Ark Gold Hill entrance, in an alcove just to the southeast of the seventh Saland Hill Mokoko Seed. You may have to kill some Salt Worms to get to it, but it reveals the first lyrics of the Tododo Song.

Move quickly, hugging the northernmost wall of the map. In a little corner beneath a dead tree growing salt crystals, above the Ozhorn Hill entrance, is the second headstone with more lyrics.

Now continue directly south, past the Ozhorn Hill entrance. At the bottom of this alcove, to the right of a saltwater pocket, is the third headstone.

Still moving quickly, proceed as if you were moving towards the Submerged Ruins dungeon entrance, sticking to the right-hand edge of the map here. By the edge of the cliff, you can find the final headstone with the full, very depressing lyrics of the Tododo Song.

We hope you have a severe sweet tooth because this last Yudia Hidden Story will take you all over Saland Hill to make your very own Solar Salt Candy.

Not far from where you started your quest to learn the Tododo Song lyrics, directly southeast of the Ozhorn Hill entrance is a solar salt deposit growing from a rock formation you can investigate. Doing so harvests some solar salt for the candy.

To find the recipe, head to the Salt Works Triport cheap Lost Ark Gold and head south to the worn-down wooden bridge. Sitting on a plank on the right-hand side is a little red book, but for some reason the recipe is illegible.