This clear acrylic cube encases a bright, multi-color globe, with country and ocean names as well as lines of latitude and longitude.  This eye-catching desktop accessory is both informative and memorable; these little globes will be kept for years to come.  Useful for simple reference or as a paperweight to secure loose memos on a desktop. 
Our world globe paperweights are subtle and elegant gifts, as the world is the perfect object of beauty to adorn any desk, workspace, or home.  Featuring crystal paperweights, world globe paperweights, custom paperweights and more.  A thoughtful and unique gift for any educator, executive, or world minded individual.
The perfect gift for any occasion. Globe paperweights are holiday gift souvenirs that symbolize peace, purity and enlightened wisdom. 
I bought this globe paperweight for my 13-year-old grandson, who has a passion for world geography and maps! The globe is absolutely beautiful, and he loves it!...More»

custom Home Decoration square polygonal cylindrical clear plexiglass crystal acrylic mini desk globe paperweight ornament
globe paperweight / crystal paperweight / acrylic paperweight