Yii and Laravel both are prominent PHP frameworks with high-end and fast web development. Here is the main key difference between Yii vs Laravel that better understand to choose which one is best for your business.

In all PHP frameworks platform, Yii and Laravel are two prominent open-source PHP frameworks that work on Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. As a web development company, we try to show the main difference between the two most popular PHP web frameworks.


What is the Yii framework?

Yii is an open-source web development framework. Yii is an object-oriented framework with a cross-platform framework its source code is available and easily customized as per the user’s preference.


What is the Laravel framework?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework. Laravel is working on MVC architecture for elegant syntax. Laravel framework implements user authorization in a simple way and offers strong security features.


The key difference between Yii vs Laravel

1. Performance

Yii is one of the swift frameworks in regard to performance for web development. On other hand, Laravel is quite slow in comparison to Yii. Yii is excellent for heavy web app development with stable and secure development.


2. Routing

With routing Yii framework provide default automated routing in the controller. That’s why it does not require any route for every action. On other hand, Laravel declares a route for every action in the controller.


3. Requirement

Yii framework is only computable with the PHP 5.4 or higher version. Whereas Laravel is compatible with all PHP versions including Crypt PHP, and PHP JSON extension as well. So, if you want more version compatibility then go with Laravel.


4. Installation

With installation Yii is easy to install process, you have to download the application to run the software, and the process is very easy and smooth. In the case of Laravel, there is a composer PHP user for the installations. Also, the Laravel installer comes with an installation guide which can help to simplify the installation process.


5. Testing

Yii framework supports many tools which can be used for testing purposes. Yii doesn’t support Codeception testing and PHP unit testing. However, Laravel featured many different testing tools which are properly supported by the framework.


6. Debugging

In the Yii framework, there is a comprehensive console for debugging with multiple-level options for logging. Yii framework offers an integrated debugging console to handle database requests, etc.

Laravel development provides comprehensive debugging tools with a stack of callbacks. It includes Imho and logging.


7. Migration

Yii framework offers a very effective migration tool that can be used more effectively with easy migration. In Laravel, it will get the strength to include seeders so the migration process is done hassle-free and easily.


8. Development time

In development time Yii framework is better for developing content websites with more admin panels and data manipulation. And Laravel is better for custom web application development as it takes a minimum time to develop a custom functionality-based website.


Bottom line

Both PHP frameworks have positive and negative sides. It depends on the project requirements to which is suitable. Yii offers some advantages like easy installation, high security, and more. Whereas Laravel offers amazing features that help to make a custom website. Hire a Yii framework development company that provides the most suitable solution for your web development.