If possible, ask the artist; this will provide you with the most intriguing and accurate insight into their subject matter. Some artists, at least unconsciously, have no idea why they choose a subject in the USA. I believe that art isn't a thing with defined reasoning attached to it; they may add specific symbolism, but I believe they're ultimately just trying to release something inside, which can sometimes take the artist by surprise. Then some artists have extremely specific ideas and work for years to perfect them in their heads. It's difficult to provide a useful answer to such a broad question. If you are pursuing an MBA course, then you can hire our MBA Assignment Helper Service in the USA.

Your artwork resembles a signed check, but it could also be your scrawled signature on my phone's square screen. The more zeros there are in your artwork, the better. Nothing inspires creativity more than artwork leaving the studio, and nothing inhibits creativity more than artwork strewn about, taking up space and impeding energy flow.