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Marketing Cloud Developer Certification Exam certified salary below

The average Salary of a Marketing Cloud Developer Certified Expert in

  • United State - 10,400 USD
  • India - 40,945 INR
  • England - 7,924 POUND
  • Europe - 9,380 EURO

Marketing Cloud Developer Certification Exam formate below

  • Passing score: 63%
  • Length of Examination: 105 minutes
  • Language: English
  • Format: Multiple choices, multiple answers
  • Number of Questions: 60

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Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Developer Exam Sample Questions (Q148-Q153):

A developer wants to create a Synchronized Data Extension containing Lead data from Sales Cloud. They only want to include record which contain a phone number. Each of the following flied contains this information per these rules: -Phone is not black (Data Type = Phone) -PhoneExist is true (Data Type = Boolean) -ValidPhone is 'true' (Data Type = Formula(Boolean)) -ContactType equals 'Phone' (Data Type = Text). Which field could be used to select a subset of records in the synchronization configuration?

  • A. ContactType
  • B. ValidPhone
  • C. Phone
  • D. PhoneExists

Answer: C

A developer created a landing page in CloudPages which return unique content when subscriber data is located on a related data extension. The developer does not know if all subscibers have rows in the related data extension, and want default content to render if no subscriber data is found on the related data extension. Which best pratice should the developer follow to control the unique and default content?

  • A. Use the Lookup, Row and Field functions
  • B. Use the RowCount function and an IF statement
  • C. Use the DataExtensionRowCount function
  • D. Use the LookupOrderRows and Row functions

Answer: B

Certification Aid wants to create a file drop automation with a filename pattern. An import file is placed daily on the Marketing Cloud Enhanced FTP server, and the file name always starts with the current month and day (e.g. OCT26). How should the filename pattern be defined? Choose 2.

  • A. Ends With operator
  • B. %%MMDD%%
  • C. Begins With operator
  • D. %%Month%%%%Day%%

Answer: C,D

A developer is working on cross-channel campaign functions for the email team at Northern Trail Outfitters. They are reviewing available APIs for the different Marketing Cloud applications to determine the most appropriate solution for each.
Which application utilizes the REST API?

  • A. Content Builder
  • B. Automation Studio
  • C. Classic Content

Answer: A

A developer is creating a custom preference center and wants to log unsubcriber events from the CloudPage. Which set of parameters should be captured and provided to the LongUnsubEvent Execute Call to ensure accurate unsubscribe information?

  • A. SubscriberKey and BatchID
  • B. EmailAddress and JobID
  • C. SubscriberKey and JobID
  • D. SubscriberID and BatchID

Answer: C


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