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Nutanix NCA-6.5 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Differentiate between VM, node, and cluster performance metrics
  • Interpret alerts and events
Topic 2
  • Identify and monitor LCM software and firmware
  • Describe Life Cycle Management (LCM)
Topic 3
  • Desbribe the benefits of Pulse
  • Explain Cluster Alerts and Monitoring Administration
Topic 4
  • Explain VM operations
  • Describe Nutanix Solutions
  • Describe Storage Concepts
Topic 5
  • Describe how to access Prism Central and Prism Element
  • Describe Nutanix Fundamental Concepts
Topic 6
  • Identify VM, network, and node configuration
  • Describe components of a Nutanix cluster
Topic 7
  • Identify differences between Prism Central and Prism Element
  • Describe Life Cycle Management

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Nutanix Certified Associate (NCA) v6.5 exam Sample Questions (Q63-Q68):

Which option is available for an administrator to upload a remote disk file to Image Configuration?

  • A. SCP
  • B. FTP
  • C. HTTP
  • D. SFTP

Answer: D

SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) is an option available for an administrator to upload a remote disk file to Image Configuration. SFTP is a secure protocol that ensures that the data being transferred is encrypted and is therefore more secure than other transfer protocols such as FTP or HTTP. Reference: https://portal.nutanix.com/page/documents/details?targetId=Platform-Administrator-Guide-v5_7:pag-remote-disk-upload-c.html

Refer to the exhibit.
A team member has built a CentOS VM image for use as a template. An administrator deploys a new VM using the CentOS image as the 05 drive. No other drives are presented to the VM.
Following the deployment, the administrator attempts to boot the VM, but is unsuccessful.
What could be causing this issue?

  • A. The CentOS VM image was built with UEF:
  • B. No Volume Groups have been created for the VM
  • C. The VM's Disk (scsi.O) setting must be set to make this disk bootable
  • D. The VMS Boot Priority must reference disk first before CD-ROW

Answer: A

What is required to successfully live migrate a VM Between two AHV clusters?

  • A. Stretch L2 networks across the primary and recovery sites
  • B. Install and Configure the witness VM on a third Site.
  • C. Configure a Protection domain with synchronous replication
  • D. Both clusters must be managed by the same prism central

Answer: C

Please Re Check From your Side and let me know if the question correction is required

A single host in a four-node AHV-based cluster experiences a complete network failure.
If more than enough resources exist in the cluster to tolerate a node failure, what happens to the user VMs running on that host?

  • A. VMs automatically restart on the three remaining hosts.
  • B. VMs are live-migrated to the three remaining hosts.
  • C. VMs remain down until network connectivity is restored.
  • D. VMs stay up, but are unreachable until connectivity is restored.

Answer: B

If a single host in an AHV-based cluster experiences a complete network failure, and if there are enough resources available in the cluster to tolerate a node failure, then the user VMs running on the failed host will be automatically live-migrated to the remaining three hosts in the cluster. This ensures that the VMs stay up and running even if one of the hosts fails. Reference: https://portal.nutanix.com/page/documents/details?targetId=Platform-Administrator-Guide-v5_7:pag-vm-migrate-c.html

Refer to the exhibit.
During VM creation, an administrator clicked on * Add New NIC, but there is nothing in the Network Name dropdown list. What is causing this issue?

  • A. A network was not created during Network Configuration
  • B. The nodes nave no NiCs attached to them
  • C. No physical NICs have been allocated for user VMs
  • D. Only 1G NIC is attached to the Nutanix nodes

Answer: A


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