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How to study the 700-150 Exam

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Cisco Introduction to Cisco Sales Sample Questions (Q94-Q99):

Cisco's goal is to share methodology, tools and prescriptive guidance to help their partners build their own customer success practice. What are some of the partner resources?

  • A. Cisco ready, launch hub and services hub
  • B. Launch hub, services hub, Cisco ready, marketing velocity
  • C. Launch hub and services hub
  • D. Launch hub, services hub and marketing velocity

Answer: B

Which of these is one-step Cisco is aiming to take to reduce the company's environmental impact by the year 2022?

  • A. Cisco is aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent from its global operations
  • B. Cisco is improving product power consumption and aiming to increase system efficiency to 99 percent
  • C. Cisco is aiming to use electricity generated from renewable sources for at least 85 percent of the company's global electricity needs
  • D. Cisco is aiming to run at least 35 percent of its global operations exclusively on solar power.

Answer: C


What are the four BOST Enterprise Architecture Framework views?

  • A. Business, Operations, Security, and Tactics
  • B. Business, Operations, Sales and Talent
  • C. Business, Operations, Systems and Technology
  • D. Business, Operations, Security, and Technology

Answer: C

Customers are investing in uncompromised security of which 3 areas?

  • A. Cloud, Mobility and LAN
  • B. WAN, Cloud, Mobility
  • C. WAN, LAN, Cloud
  • D. DC, Access and WAN

Answer: B


With Cisco ONE, what happens when a customer refreshes hardware?

  • A. The customer can refresh or go to the next tier or hardware and port or upgrade software at no additional charge
  • B. The customer must purchase entirely new software licenses
  • C. The customer can refresh hardware in the same tier and port software al no charge, or go to the next her of hardware and just pay the difference for their software
  • D. The customer can refresh hardware in the same tier and port software at no charge but must purchase new licenses for the next tier of hardware

Answer: A


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DOWNLOAD the newest ITdumpsfree 700-150 PDF dumps from Cloud Storage for free: