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What is the duration of the AZ-500 Exam

  • Format: Multiple choices, multiple answers
  • Length of Examination: 150 minutes
  • Passing Score: 700/1000
  • Number of Questions: 45-60

Structure of AZ-500 Exam

To pass this AZ-500 certification exam, the applicants have to attempt about 40-60 questions within 180 minutes. This test can be taken in the following languages: Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified), or Korean. The styling of questions considers multiple choices, active screen, build lists, short answer, reviews screen, best answer, and others. The passing score for AZ-500 test is 700 points out of 1000. In order to register, navigate to the Microsoft official website and follow the instructions, which includes paying $165 as the entry fee.

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Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Sample Questions (Q265-Q270):

You have a hybrid configuration of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).
All users have computers that run Windows 10 and are hybrid Azure AD joined.
You have an Azure SQL database that is configured to support Azure AD authentication.
Database developers must connect to the SQL database by using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and authenticate by using their on-premises Active Directory account.
You need to tell the developers which authentication method to use to connect to the SQL database from SSMS. The solution must minimize authentication prompts.
Which authentication method should you instruct the developers to use?

  • A. SQL Login
  • B. Active Directory - Universal with MFA support
  • C. Active Directory - Integrated
  • D. Active Directory - Password

Answer: C

Azure AD can be the initial Azure AD managed domain. Azure AD can also be an on-premises Active Directory Domain Services that is federated with the Azure AD.
Using an Azure AD identity to connect using SSMS or SSDT
The following procedures show you how to connect to a SQL database with an Azure AD identity using SQL Server Management Studio or SQL Server Database Tools.
Active Directory integrated authentication
Use this method if you are logged in to Windows using your Azure Active Directory credentials from a federated domain.
1. Start Management Studio or Data Tools and in the Connect to Server (or Connect to Database Engine) dialog box, in the Authentication box, select Active Directory - Integrated. No password is needed or can be entered because your existing credentials will be presented for the connection.
2. Select the Options button, and on the Connection Properties page, in the Connect to database box, type the name of the user database you want to connect to. (The AD domain name or tenant ID" option is only supported for Universal with MFA connection options, otherwise it is greyed out.) References:

You have an Azure subscription named Sub1 that contains the Azure key vaults shown in the following table:
In Sub1, you create a virtual machine that has the following configurations:
* Name: VM1
* Size: DS2v2
* Resource group: RG1
* Region: West Europe
* Operating system: Windows Server 2016
You plan to enable Azure Disk Encryption on VM1.
In which key vaults can you store the encryption key for VM1?

  • A. Vault1, Vault2, Vault3, or Vault4
  • B. Vault1 or Vault3 only
  • C. Vault1 only
  • D. Vault1 or Vault2 only

Answer: B

In order to make sure the encryption secrets don't cross regional boundaries, Azure Disk Encryption needs the Key Vault and the VMs to be co-located in the same region. Create and use a Key Vault that is in the same region as the VM to be encrypted.

You have an Azure Container Registry named Registry1.
You add role assignment for Registry1 as shown in the following table.
Which users can upload images to Registry1 and download images from Registry1? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.


Box 1: User1 and User4 only
Owner, Contributor and AcrPush can push images.
Box 2: User1, User2, and User4
All, except AcrImagineSigner, can download/pull images.

You need to ensure that connections from the Internet to VNET1\subnet0 are allowed only over TCP port
7777. The solution must use only currently deployed resources.
To complete this task, sign in to the Azure portal.


See the explanation below.
You need to configure the Network Security Group that is associated with subnet0.
* In the Azure portal, type Virtual Networks in the search box, select Virtual Networks from the search results then select VNET1. Alternatively, browse to Virtual Networks in the left navigation pane.
* In the properties of VNET1, click on Subnets. This will display the subnets in VNET1 and the Network Security Group associated to each subnet. Note the name of the Network Security Group associated to Subnet0.
* Type Network Security Groups into the search box and select the Network Security Group associated with Subnet0.
* In the properties of the Network Security Group, click on Inbound Security Rules.
* Click the Add button to add a new rule.
* In the Source field, select Service Tag.
* In the Source Service Tag field, select Internet.
* Leave the Source port ranges and Destination field as the default values (* and All).
* In the Destination port ranges field, enter 7777.
* Change the Protocol to TCP.
* Leave the Action option as Allow.
* Change the Priority to 100.
* Change the Name from the default Port_8080 to something more descriptive such as Allow_TCP_7777_from_Internet. The name cannot contain spaces.
* Click the Add button to save the new rule.

You need to create an Azure key vault. The solution must ensure that any object deleted from the key vault be retained for 90 days.
How should you complete the command? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.


Box 1: -EnablePurgeProtection
If specified, protection against immediate deletion is enabled for this vault; requires soft delete to be enabled as well.
Box 2: -EnableSoftDelete
Specifies that the soft-delete functionality is enabled for this key vault. When soft-delete is enabled, for a grace period, you can recover this key vault and its contents after it is deleted.


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