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Exam Content

The examination consists of 60 Questions. Candidates should attempt maximum correct answers for a better score.

Formats of Question

  • True or False questions: the candidate will be presented with a statement and has to specify the correct option for the statement if the statement is either true or false
  • Single Response Multiple-choice questions: Only One correct response from the given options best suits the statement or answers the question.
  • Multiple Response Multiple-choice questions: Two or More Correct response from the given options best suits the statement or answers the question.

Exam Duration

Candidates will have 90 minutes for attempting 60 questions. So, it becomes important for the candidates to time-box the exam and restrict spending too much time on one question or one topic.

Exam Results

The ServiceNow CAD certification is a pass or fail exam. The examination is scored against a minimum standard established by ServiceNow who are guided by the certification industry best practices and guidelines.On successful submission of the certification examination, result in the form of Pass or Fail result is immediately calculated and displayed to the candidate. No further details will be provided to the candidate.

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Topics to Cover

ServiceNow CAD exam is based on the learnings, key topics, and activities encountered during ServiceNow implementations.

Following are the major learning domain, sub-skills along with their weight-age in the examination, giving you a clear view of which topics and skills inclusive, you should focus on for the certification.Note: The list and details are not an all-inclusive content list. ServiceNow reserves the right to change and update the content (topics, sub-skills, and weight-age) at any point in time.

  • Working with External Data: 10%Import data in CSV or Excel formatIntegrate, test and debug external data source using SOAP and REST

  • Designing and Creating Application: 15%Determine if an application is a good fit with ServiceNowDesign and implement a data modelCreate modulesUse Application Scope

  • Managing Applications: 15%Download and install applicationsUse Delegated Development to manage source code and code reviewUse the ServiceNow Git integration to manage source code

  • Application User Interface: 20%Create, design, and customize formsAdd/Remove fields from forms and tablesWrite, test, and debug client-side scripts for desktopWrite, test, and debug server-side scriptsUse a Record Producer as an application's UI

Based on the above-mentioned syllabus and their related weight-age, it is clear that there is no one topic a candidate should focus on or a candidate can leave while preparing for the examination. The candidate needs to go through and be proficient in every topic.

ServiceNow Certified Application Developer-ServiceNow Sample Questions (Q67-Q72):

Identify the incorrect statement about Delegated Development in ServiceNow.

  • A. Administrators can grant the developer access to script fields.
  • B. Administrators can specify which application file types the developer can access.
  • C. Administrators can grant non-admin users the ability to develop global applications.
  • D. Administrators can grant the developer access to security records.

Answer: C

Administrators can grant non-admin users the ability to develop global applications. Delegated Development is for the scoped applications only

Access Control debug information identification whether each element of an Access Control granted of denied access. The elements of an Access Control evaluated?

  • A. Conditions, Roles, Script
  • B. Roles, Conditions, Script
  • C. Conditions, Script, Roles
  • D. Script, Conditions, Roles

Answer: A

Which source control operation is available from BOTH Studio and the Git Repository?

  • A. Apply Remote Changes
  • B. Stash Local Changes
  • C. Create Branch
  • D. Edit Repository Configurations

Answer: D

Which one of the following is NOT a purpose of application scoping?

  • A. Provide a relationship between application artifacts
  • B. Provide controls for how scripts from another scope can alter tables in a scoped application
  • C. Provide a namespace (prefix and scope name) to prevent cross application name collisions
  • D. Provide a way of tracking the user who developed an application

Answer: D

If the Create module field is selected when creating a table, what is the new module's default behavior?

  • A. Open a link to a wiki article with instructions on how to customize the behavior of the new module
  • B. Display a list of all records from the table
  • C. Open an empty form so new records can be created
  • D. Display an empty homepage for the application

Answer: B


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