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SAP C_C4H620_24 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Identify the main elements of enterprise consent management
  • Explain proper session management techniques.
Topic 2
  • Integrate SAP Customer Data Cloud in your mobile application using the Customer Data Cloud's mobile SDK
  • Configure and create Dataflows schedules
Topic 3
  • Explain CIAM for B2B, Organization Access Management
  • Describe how to configure user groups, applications, permissions and API Keys
Topic 4
  • Identify the differences between Plugin View and Native approach in mobile apps
  • Explain federation using JWT, OIDC and SAM
Topic 5
  • Explain and configure the different options of Customer Idenity policies
  • Explain how to configure and process webhook events
Topic 6
  • Create and update schema fields using the schema editor and REST API calls
  • Describe best practices with cookies
Topic 7
  • Identity and using screensets and REST API
  • Identify the different technologies for federating data using SAP Customer Data Cloud
Topic 8
  • Describe how to secure webhooks notifications
  • Describe and use the Identity and Data Store in SAP Customer Data Cloud
Topic 9
  • Discover Customer Idenity feauters to develop your site using the Customer Data Cloud's Web SDK
  • Implement SAP customer consent with and without SAP customer

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SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Customer Data Cloud Sample Questions (Q45-Q50):

Which of the following screens are part of the default Profile Update Screen-Set? Note: There are 3 correct answer to this question

  • A. Link Accounts
  • B. Mandatory Password Change
  • C. Change Password
  • D. Privacy
  • E. Communication

Answer: C,D,E

Your customer's security team wants to improve login security on their Web site. What risk factors can be configured through the Risk-Based Authentication UI? Note: There are 3 correct answer to this question

  • A. Unsuccessful logins from a specific account
  • B. Unsuccessful logins on a specific date
  • C. Login from a new device
  • D. Login from a new country
  • E. Login during a specific timeframe

Answer: A,C,D

You are implementing a native registration flow using the mobile SDK as follows: Call accounts.initRegistration. Call accounts.register with the loginID and password, and regToken. Account goes to pending registration status - missing required fields. Call accounts.setAccountlnfo with required fields dat a. Call accounts.finalizeRegistration. However, you are getting a permission error when performing steps 3 and 4. Which parameters should be passed to steps 3 and 4 to stop the error?

  • A. An app key and secret
  • B. The regToken
  • C. The password
  • D. The loginID

Answer: B

A customer has three Web sites. The customer wants a unified user database across their Web sites. For security reasons, they do NOT want seamless login when users move between any of the sites. How would this be configured in the Console?

  • A. One site group with SSO disabled and one segment
  • B. Two site groups with SSO disabled and one segment
  • C. One site group with SSO enabled and one segment
  • D. One site group with SSO enabled and two segments

Answer: A

You are using Screen-Sets on your Web site and you want to identify when a user authenticates to your site. Which event do you use to handle this?

  • A. onConnectionAdded global event
  • B. onSubmit Screen-Sets event
  • C. onLogin global event
  • D. onBeforeSubmit Screen-Sets event

Answer: C


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