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  • Passing Score: 68%
  • Format: Multiple choice, multiple answer
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Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant Sample Questions (Q49-Q54):

Cloud Kicks wants to see how many closed won opportunities a campaign has generated over the last 30 days. They have implemented a campaign influence model that uses the primary campaign source. Which two steps are needed to meet this requirement using standard functionality? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Add campaigns to opportunities when the campaign is related to a contact that is assigned a contact role on the opportunity prior to the close date.
  • B. Add child campaigns of the primary campaign source automatically if the child campaigns have an end date that falls before the opportunity close date
  • C. Have the administrator specify a timeframe that limits the time a campaign can influence an opportunity after the campaign first associated date and before the opportunity created date
  • D. Have the administrator define rules for campaigns to automatically add opportunities and then lock after 30 days.
  • E. Have representatives populate a field on the opportunity record with the dollar amount of the expected revenue from the campaigns that influenced the opportunity

Answer: A,C

Cloud Kicks requires its sales reps to 90 through an internal certification process on myTrallhead before they add specific groups of Products to Opportunities.
Which two solutions should be used to validate that sales reps have completed the myTrailhead badge?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Use a validation rule on Products marked as requiring the myTrailhead badge to prevent those Products from being added to an Opportunity.
  • B. Use a Process Builder process on Products marked as requiring the myTrallhead badge to automatically share the Products with sales reps who have completed the badge.
  • C. Use a separate once book for the Products requiring the myTrailhead badge and only share the once book with sales reps who have completed the badge-
  • D. Use a validation rule on Opportunity Products to prevent a sales rep from adding Products marked as requiring the myTrailhead badge if the rep has yet to complete the badge.

Answer: B,D

Northern Trail Outfitters' Board of Directors thinks that sales user adoption should be calculated by the number of daily logins. Which two measures of sales user adoption should be considered when implementing Sales Cloud? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Organizational chart with titles
  • B. Number of reports exported to Excel for analysis
  • C. Completeness of records entered into the new system
  • D. Number of neglected opportunities over time by role
  • E. Overall effectiveness of mass email campaigns

Answer: C,D

Northern Trail Outfitters' sales representatives have to be certified to sell items in its Professional catalog.
Which two ways should Salesforce be set up to prevent those who are NOT certified from adding these items to opportunities? (Choose two.)

  • A. Utilize a validation rule on products marked as requiring certification to prevent them from being added to an opportunity.
  • B. Utilize a separate price book for the products requiring certification and only share the price book to users who are certified.
  • C. Utilize a validation rule on opportunity products to prevent them from adding products marked as requiring certification if they are NOT certified.
  • D. Utilize a criteria-based sharing rule on products marked as requiring certification to only share the products to users who are certified.

Answer: B,C

A salesperson at Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) cannot view a contact's information from social profiles.
NTO has Social Accounts and Contacts turned on in its account.
Why is the salesperson unable to access the information?

  • A. The link to the Facebook profile is NOT configured with the administrator password to access detailed information.
  • B. Universal Containers must install an APP Exchange package to access public profile information for its users.
  • C. The fields configured by Universal Containers' administrator on the contact page layout are missing.
  • D. The information shown is based on the sales representative's social connection with the contact.

Answer: D


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