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All in all, the PCNSE exam topics are highlighted as the following:

  • Configuration Troubleshooting (18%)

    This section evaluates the students’ ability to identify operation and traffic problems utilizing the CLI devices and web interface, give a session production, recognize the configuration elements used to implement packet capture, and identify problems by the certificate chain of trust. They should know how to observe GlobalProtect troubleshooting information, resolve when an SD-WAN path has failed, and sort out SSL decoding failures. Furthermore, they need to know how to solve and configure interface elements, determine traffic routing concerns, and identify ACC chart activities.

  • Plan (16%)

    The questions from this domain validate the students' ability to identify the notions, such as how the Palo Alto Networks products operate mutually to recognize and stop threats and how to utilize template stacks & design group hierarchy for operating Palo Alto Networks firewalls as a scalable resolution with the help of Panorama. In addition, they have to distinguish the relevant interface model and arrangement for specified system positioning as well as approaches for maintaining logs utilizing Distributed Log Collection. Planning considerations unusual to extending Palo Alto Networks firewalls in hybrid, public, and private Clouds is another ability that they should possess.

    The test takers should ascertain opinions for authorization, device administration, and authentication, as well as methods of authentication production on the firewall. It is important to have knowledge of the alternatives eligible in the firewall to maintain progressive routing, decryption deployment strategies, ways of the User-ID redistribution, and advantages of adopting dynamic user groups in policy rules. It is advisable to recognize the items for which you must plan when deploying SD-WAN, VM-Series bootstrap components and their function, and the influence of utilization override to the general functions of the firewall.

  • Deploy and Configure (23%)

    This subject area measures the applicants’ knowledge of identifying the application purposes in Traffic log, connection within URL filtering and certification theft prevention, and production of safety rules to perform App-ID without depending on port-based practices. A potential candidate has to know about the expected settings and actions essential to deploy and plan a next-generation firewall and various techniques for authorization, authentication, and device management in PAN-OS software for relating to the firewall.

    Moreover, the examinees have to know how to design a virtual router, interface as a DHCP relay agent, frames for site-to-site VPN & GlobalProtect, characteristics of NAT system rules, VM-Series firewalls for implementation, and firewalls to utilize tags and filtered log sending for combination by system automation. Besides that, it is important to configure and maintain the certificates to verify the firewall features, identify the peculiarities that support IPv6, as well as implement and maintain the App-ID adoption, among others.

  • Operate (20%)

    The topic requires that the learners have the skills in identifying problems for defining visible log forwarding as well as interpreting reports, log files, and graphs to manage exchange and threat trends. Being able to identify situations that have a profit from utilizing custom signatures and the manner to update a Palo Alto Networks system to the newest version of software is also essential for an individual.

    You have to know how arrangement management procedures are applied to assure aspired operational state of stability & continuity and how to develop the firewall to mix with AutoFocus & confirm its functions. Additionally, this part validates one’s understanding of the correlation within Panorama and tools as concerning active updates versions and system implementation and/or HA equals, the roots of information that pertain to HA functionality, as well as the settings related to critical HA functions.

  • Core Concepts (23%)

    This is the last objective of the exam that measures your expertise in identifying the exact position of policy measuring according to the packet flow architecture as well as identifying the major functions staying on the management level and data level of Palo Alto Networks Firewall. It is required to identify the proper PaloAlto Networks threat preventive element to stop or decrease the attack and recognize the proper Palo Alto Networks threat interception component to stop or decrease the attack with the help of a given scenario toward firewall resources.

    The candidates need to express their ability to identify the methods for classifying users, dependencies for completing MFA, and techniques for simplifying the configuration of a firewall. They have to know how to define the policies and relevant objects, forward traffic, and control bandwidth utilization on a per-application basis with a given scenario. Also, their skills in defining the pros & cons of using distributed networking with SD-WAN and identifying how the Panorama commit recovery feature functions are tested as well.

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Palo Alto Networks Certified Security Engineer (PCNSE) PAN-OS 10.0 Sample Questions (Q234-Q239):

In the following image from Panorama, why are some values shown in red?

  • A. sg2 has misconfigured session thresholds.
  • B. sg2 session count is the lowest compared to the other managed devices.
  • C. us3 has a logging rate that deviates from the administrator-configured thresholds.
  • D. uk3 has a logging rate that deviates from the seven-day calculated baseline.

Answer: D

https://www.paloaltonetworks.com/documentation/81/pan-os/newfeaturesguide/panorama- features/device-monitoring-through-panorama

A speed/duplex negotiation mismatch is between the Palo Alto Networks management port and the switch port which it connects. How would an administrator configure the interface to 1Gbps?

  • A. set deviceconfig interface speed-duplex 1Gbps-full-duplex
  • B. set deviceconfig system speed-duplex 1Gbps-duplex
  • C. set deviceconfig Interface speed-duplex 1Gbps-half-duplex
  • D. set deviceconfig system speed-duplex 1Gbps-full-duplex

Answer: B

https://live.paloaltonetworks.com/t5/Configuration-Articles/How-to-Change-the-Speed-and-Duplex-of-the-Mana Port/ta-p/59034 [email protected]# set deviceconfig system speed-duplex100Mbps-full-duplex 100Mbps-full-duplex
100Mbps-half-duplex 100Mbps-half-duplex10Mbps-full-duplex 10Mbps-full-duplex10Mbps-half-duplex
10Mbps-half-duplex1Gbps-full-duplex 1Gbps-full-duplex1Gbps-half-duplex 1Gbps-half-duplex auto-negotiate auto-negotiate

An administrator wants to upgrade a firewall HA pair to PAN-OS 10.1. The firewalls are currently running PAN-OS 8.1.17.
Which upgrade path maintains synchronization of the HA session (and prevents network outage)?

  • A. Upgrade two major versions at a time
  • B. Upgrade one major version at a time
  • C. Upgrade directly to the target major version
  • D. Upgrade the HA pair to a base image

Answer: B

When you upgrade from one PAN-OS feature release version to a later feature release, you cannot skip the installation of any feature release versions in the path to your target release. In addition, the recommended upgrade path includes installing the latest maintenance release in each release version before you install the base image for the next feature release version.
https://docs.paloaltonetworks.com/pan-os/10-1/pan-os-upgrade/upgrade-pan-os/upgrade-the- firewall-pan-os/determine-the-upgrade-path.html

Which protection feature is available only in a Zone Protection Profile?

  • A. ICMP Flood Protection
  • B. UDP Flood Protections
  • C. Port Scan Protection
  • D. SYN Flood Protection using SYN Flood Cookies

Answer: D


Which method will dynamically register tags on the Palo Alto Networks NGFW?

  • A. XML-API or the VMware API on the firewall or on the User-ID agent or the CLI
  • B. Restful API or the VMware API on the firewall or on the User-ID agent
  • C. XML API or the VM Monitoring agent on the NGFW or on the User-ID agent
  • D. Restful API or the VMWare API on the firewall or on the User-ID agent or the read-only domain controller (RODC)

Answer: C


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