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Test CWNP CWSP-206 Guide & Reliable CWSP-206 Test Syllabus

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Requirements to Meet

The CWSP-206 exam and its associated certification are intended for the WLAN subject matter experts who possess the skills in creating and implementing enforceable security policies of an organization. They make use of applicable regulations, accepted best practices, as well as standards. These specialists can also recognize and mitigate different threats to networks. A Certified Wireless Security Professional also has the expertise to effectively utilize the relevant procedures and tools to maintain the continuous security of a network.

CWNP CWSP Certified Wireless Security Professional Sample Questions (Q90-Q95):

Which of the following are software applications designed to track a user's personal information with the intent to pass it on to third parties without the user's permission? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

  • A. Spyware
  • B. Adware
  • C. Stealware
  • D. Zombie

Answer: A,B

You are using a utility that takes input and generates random output. For example, you can provide the input of a known word as a secret word and then also provide another known word as salt input. When you process the input it generates a secret code which is a combination of letters and numbers with case sensitivity. For what is the described utility used?

  • A. Generating GTKs for broadcast traffic encryption.
  • B. Generating dynamic session keys used for IPSec VPNs.
  • C. Generating passwords for WLAN infrastructure equipment logins.
  • D. Generating PMKs that can be imported into 802.11 RSN-compatible devices.

Answer: C

ABC Company isimplementing a secure 802.11 WLAN at their headquarters (HQ) building in New York and at each of the 10 small, remote branch offices around the United States. 802.1X/EAP is ABC's preferred security solution, where possible. All access points (at the HQ building and all branch offices) connect to a single WLAN controller located at HQ. Each branch office has only a single AP and minimal IT resources.
What security best practices should be followed in this deployment scenario?

  • A. Remote management of the WLAN controller via Telnet, SSH, HTTP, and HTTPS should be prohibited across the WAN link.
  • B. An encrypted VPN should connect the WLAN controller and each remote controller-based AP, or each remote site should provide an encrypted VPN tunnel to HQ.
  • C. RADIUS services should be provided at branch offices so that authentication server and suppliant credentials are not sent over the Internet.
  • D. APs at HQ and at each branch office should not broadcast the same SSID; instead each branch should have a unique ID foruser accounting purposes.

Answer: B

A networksecurity auditor is preparing to perform a comprehensive assessment of an 802.11ac network's security. What task should be performed at the beginning of the audit to maximize the auditor's ability to expose network vulnerabilities?

  • A. Identify the wireless security solution(s) currently in use.
  • B. Identify the skill level of the wireless network security administrator(s).
  • C. Identify the manufacturer of the wireless infrastructure hardware.
  • D. Identify the IP subnet information for each network segment.
  • E. Identify the manufacturer of the wireless intrusion preventionsystem.

Answer: A

In XYZ's small business, two autonomous 802.11ac APs and 12 client devices are in use with WPA2-Personal. What statement about the WLAN security of this company is true?

  • A. An unauthorized wireless client device cannot associate, but can eavesdrop on some data because WPA2-Personal does not encrypt multicast or broadcast traffic.
  • B. Intruders may obtain the passphrase with an offline dictionary attack and gain network access, but will be unable to decrypt the data traffic of other users.
  • C. A successful attack against all unicast traffic on the network would require a weak passphrase dictionary attack and the capture of the latest 4-Way Handshake for each client.
  • D. An unauthorized WLAN user with a protocol analyzer can decode dataframes of authorized users if he captures the BSSID, client MAC address, and a user's 4-Way Handshake.
  • E. Because WPA2-Personal uses Open System authentication followed by a 4-Way Handshake, hijacking attacks are easily performed.

Answer: C


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