Corrugated metal hoses are flexible, durable, and high-performance hoses used in a variety of industries including aerospace, chemical, oil and gas, and others. This blog will go into greater detail about corrugated metal hoses and their applications, among other things.

What exactly are Corrugated Metal Hoses?

Corrugated metal hoses are flexible, durable, and high-performance hoses used in a variety of industries including aerospace, chemical, oil and gas, and others. They are made of thin metal sheets that have been corrugated to form a series of ridges and grooves that give the hose its flexibility and strength.

These hoses are commonly used to transport liquids, gases, or granular materials in a variety of applications such as transporting steam, hydraulic fluids, or chemicals. They are also used as vibration dampeners, compensators for thermal expansion, and as protective covers for cables and wires.

How they are constructed

The corrugated metal tube, the braid layer, and the end fittings make up the typical three layers of corrugated metal hose construction. The main structural element of the hose is the corrugated metal tube, which offers flexibility and strength. An additional layer of strength and defence against damage from the outside is provided by the braid layer, which is constructed from woven metal wire or synthetic fibres. The end fittings, which are typically made of metal, are used to attach the hose to the system it is being used in.

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Advantages of Corrugated Metal Hoses

  • Physical strength and light weight are combined.
  • Wide temperature range (-200°C to +550°C) compatibility
  • Excellent corrosion resistance. Fire, moisture, abrasion, and penetration resistance.
  • Absorbs vibration and noise from pumps, compressors, and engines, among other things.
  • Makes up for irregular or constant movement.
  • Makes up for piping thermal expansion and contraction.
  • Corrects misalignment issues.
  • In difficult locations, a flexible and quick alternative to rigid piping.

In comparison to other types of hose, corrugated metal hose has a significantly longer lifespan and many more features, including good flexibility, fatigue resistance, high temperature resistance, and excellent corrosion resistance (rubber hose, plastic hose). High and low temperature, high pressure, and corrosion of corrugated metal hose are becoming more and more common with modern industrial development.

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What is a corrugated hose used for?

Corrugated hoses are used to transport vacuum lines as well as liquids or gases under pressure because they are completely leak-proof. They go by the name of pressure hoses as well. Both flexibility and pressure resistance are accomplished by their distinctive design.

Metal hose is commonly used in piping situations such as:

  • The pipe system must be able to absorb heat or pressure-induced expansion.
  • There is a requirement to compensate for misalignment or to allow lateral system movements during exploitation.

Flexible metal hose provides solutions to a number of issues that affect HVAC and industrial pipelines. They reduce vibration, eliminate pipe misalignments, and absorb thermal expansion and contraction.

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Typically, bronze, 300 series stainless steel, Monel, Hastelloy, or Inconel are used to make corrugated hose.

The main function of corrugated hose is to prevent vibration from pumps, compressors, and other power systems from penetrating nearby piping. Being cautious is crucial when positioning and connecting. In order to effectively control vibration, the hose must be fixed to the equipment firmly, perpendicular to the vibration, and with the other end rigidly anchored.

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