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Oracle 1z0-1073-22 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Set up min-max related item and item subinventory?level attributes
  • Create an Interorganization Transaction
Topic 2
  • Manage exceptions in the Back to Back process flow
  • Explain management reporting structures
Topic 3
  • Create Manual Cycle Count and explain how cycle counts are generated
  • Model a Business Unit within an Enterprise Structure
Topic 4
  • Describe Item and Cost Organization
  • Consigned Inventory from a Supplier
  • Design an Enterprise Configuration
Topic 5
  • Describe Managerial Accounting and Cost Accounting Basics
  • Implementing Enterprise Structures
Topic 6
  • Explain how Material Status Control affects transactions and Create Material Statuses
  • Explain Common Inventory Configurations

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Oracle Inventory Cloud 2022 Implementation Professional Sample Questions (Q66-Q71):

A user is performing a materialreturn transaction against excess stock in an Inventory organization; however, the user fails to select the Physical Material Return Required check box.
What happens?

  • A. It is considered as accounting-only return
  • B. Stock isreserved
  • C. A transfer order line remains open
  • D. Shipment lines are created

Answer: A

Which three things are true about running the Min-Max Report? (Choose three.)

  • A. You can run the report or both Organizations and Subinventory Planning Levels simultaneously.
  • B. You can suppress replenishment movement request when the source subinventory has zero item on-hand quantity.
  • C. The system calculates demand quantity by using information from existing sales orders, transfer orders, work orders and movement requests.
  • D. You can run the report by item category.
  • E. The Min-Max Replenishment ignores Item Processing Lead-time on Transfer orders.

Answer: A,B,D

Which three statements about project specific picking process are correct? (Choose three.)

  • A. Picks can be searched by project and task number.
  • B. Pick release of movement request allocates common inventory prior to project specific inventory.
  • C. Shipment lines with project task can be created in shippingorganization not enabled for projects.
  • D. Picks with same project and task can be grouped to single pick slip.

Answer: A,B,D

Which two options constitute the rights and responsibilities of a Legal Entity? (Choose two.)

  • A. Facilitate resource allocation
  • B. Manage warehouses
  • C. Own property
  • D. Account for themselves to regulators, taxation authorities, and owners according to rulesspecified in the relevant legislation
  • E. Create opportunities for new business

Answer: C,D

Identify threestatements that are true about reservations in back-to-back processing.

  • A. Changes to reservation in Oracle Logistics Cloud leads to exceptions, which are displayed in the Supply Chain Orchestration work area.
  • B. Reservations cannot be created for back-to-back On Hand supply orders.
  • C. Partial fulfillment of reservations is supported.
  • D. One reservation is created for a demand and supply.
  • E. Reservation supplies that can be reservedare Purchase Orders, Transfer Orders, Work Orders, and On Hand inventory.

Answer: A,D,E


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