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Salesforce Certified-Business-Analyst Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Given a scenario, manage competing priorities to obtain sign-off from stakeholders
  • Contrast the difference between acceptance criteria vs. definition of done
Topic 2
  • Guide UAT and manage the results to determine whether the solution meets the requirements
  • Analyze the customer's Salesforce environment to identify opportunities and constraints
Topic 3
  • Distinguish between requirements vs. user stories to engage business and technical stakeholders
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Salesforce capabilities and its potential to recommend solutions to the business
Topic 4
  • Understand and explain Business Analyst roles and responsibilities in different phases of the implementation lifecycle
  • Given a scenario, choose the most effective technique for eliciting business needs from stakeholders
Topic 5
  • Document user stories in a version controlled repository to manage scope
  • Explain how to move from current state analysis to an agreed future state design
Topic 6
  • Discover how a customer is leveraging and benefiting from Salesforce products to establish the current state
  • Given a scenario, make a go
  • no-go release decision when new business or technical issues arise
Topic 7
  • Apply understanding of hierarchical process mapping to engage stakeholders at different levels of an organization
  • Apply governance on agreed future state processes to control scope

Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Exam Sample Questions (Q190-Q195):

The business analyst (BA) at Cloud Kicks has been asked to map the current sales process in Sales Cloud to document legal compliance with local privacy regulations, which can differ based on the state or country of a data transaction.
Which activity would be most effective in helping the BA understand the sales process?

  • A. Using live workshops to map out the sales process
  • B. Asking stakeholders to complete a questionnaire
  • C. Conducting individual interviews with stakeholders

Answer: A

Universal Containers is about to kick off a new Salesforce implementation, bringing both sales and service teams onto the platform. Each team has been managing Accounts and Contacts in their own way even though the Accounts and Contacts are shared between the teams. This has resulted in disagreements about what should be built in Salesforce.
Which groups should the business analyst work with to gain full alignment on a common program vision and strategy?

  • A. Executive sponsors, IT leadership, and end users
  • B. Senior leadership, IT leadership, and middle management
  • C. Business leaders, middle management, and end users

Answer: C

True or False? Knowledge Users will be able to edit and create new Knowledge Articles from the Mobile App.

  • A. TRUE
  • B. FALSE

Answer: B

The business analyst (BA) on the Salesforce development team at Northern Trail Outfitters is leading a requirements elicitation workshop about the process for onboarding new wholesale partners. While whiteboarding the process, one stakeholder continuously interrupts and points out inefficiencies with invoicing and delivery processes.
What should the BA do to prevent the session from being derailed?

  • A. Add the stakeholder's concerns to a "parking lot" for further discussion.
  • B. Ask the stakeholder to focus on the onboarding process.
  • C. Shift the conversation from onboarding to the stakeholder's concerns.

Answer: A

At Cloud Kicks (CK), the marketing director's management style is results-driven. CK uses scrum methodology when developing improvements to its Salesforce org. The director requests urgent enhancements in the middle of a sprint that require changes by the development team, The director believes their needs are of the highest importance.
What should the business analyst do when disruptions to the project occur?

  • A. Interpret the requests as guidelines to be used when determining priorities for the upcoming release.
  • B. Focus on the agreed upon deliverables instead of the new requests to prevent overallocation of resources.
  • C. Ask the project manager for an additional resource to implement the new requests.

Answer: B


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