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What is the duration, language, and format of Oracle 1z0-082: Oracle Database Administration I Exam

  • Section 2: 45%
  • The type of questions is Multiple Choice Questions.
  • Certification Validity period : 3 years.
  • This exam consists of 90 questions.
  • There is a time limit of 140 minutes for the exam.
  • Section 3: 33%

Oracle database certifications require periodic recertification. To hold your certification inactive condition, you must update to the new edition within 1 year of Oracle's credential withdrawal.

Oracle 1z0-082: Oracle Database Administration 1 Exam Certification Path

The Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle Database 12c: RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administrator certification is for Database Development Systems Managers and Database Administrators with at least 1 year of RAC and Grid Infrastructure experience. It is also recommended to understand high availability concepts and clustering. To earn this certificate, you should have the ability to install, manage, monitor, and recover RAC databases, Clusterware, and ASM environments. You will get a complete understanding of the architecture of the Clusterware, ASM, and RAC databases while preparing for the exam. After earning this certification, you will gain the skills of installing, setup, backup and recovering, tuning, and monitoring these components.Self-study courses are great sources for the preparation of the Exam, but they do not meet the requirement of the training. To meet the requirement of the training course must be offered by Oracle University Training Center, Oracle Authorized Education Center, Oracle Authorized Partner, or Oracle Workforce Development Program. Courses can be a live virtual class, training on demand, learning subscription, or instructor-led in-class.

Who should take the Oracle 1z0-082: Oracle Database Administration I Exam

This course is designed for Database Administrators and Database production Systems Administrators.

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Oracle Database Administration I Sample Questions (Q66-Q71):

In the spfile of a single instance database, LOCAL_LISTENER is set to LISTENER_1.
The TNSNAMES.ORA file in $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin in the database home contains:
Which statement is true?

  • A. The LREG process registers services dynamically with the LISTENER_1 listener
  • B. Dynamic service registration cannot be used for this database instance
  • C. The definition for LISTENER_1 requires a CONNECT_DATA section to enable dynamic service registration
  • D. LISTENER_1 must also be defined in the LISTENER.ORA file to enable dynamic service registration
  • E. There are two listeners named LISTENER and LISTENER_1 running simultaneously using port 1521 on the same host as the database instances

Answer: A

The listener forwards client requests to supported services. These services are dynamically registered with the listener. This dynamic registration feature is called service registration. The registration is performed by the Listener Registration (LREG) process. Dynamic service registration does not require any manual configuration in the listener.ora file.

Which two statements are true about the rules of precedence for operators? (Choose two.)

  • A. Arithmetic operators with equal precedence are evaluated from left to right within an expression
  • B. Multiple parentheses can be used to override the default precedence of operators in an expression
  • C. The concatenation operator | | is always evaluated before addition and subtraction in an expression
  • D. NULLS influence the precedence of operators in an expression
  • E. The + binary operator has the highest precedence in an expression in a SQL statement

Answer: B,E

In one of your databases, user KING is:
1. Not a DBA user
2. An operating system (OS) user
Examine this command and its output:
What must you do so that KING is authenticated by the OS when connecting to the database instance?

  • B. Grant DBA to KING
  • E. Have the OS administrator add KING to the OSDBA group

Answer: A

Which two are true about a SQL statement using SET operators such as UNION? (Choose two.)

  • A. The data type of each column returned by the second query must exactly match the data type of the corresponding column returned by the first query.
  • B. The data type of each column returned by the second query must be implicitly convertible to the data type of the corresponding column returned by the first query.
  • C. The number, but not names, of columns must be identical for all SELECT statements in the query.
  • D. The names and number of columns must be identical for all SELECT statements in the query.
  • E. The data type group of each column returned by the second query must match the data type of the corresponding column returned by the first query.

Answer: A,B

Which three statements are true regarding indexes? (Choose three.)

  • A. A SELECT statement can access one or more indices without accessing any tables
  • B. A UNIQUE index can be altered to be non-unique
  • C. A table belonging to one user can have an index that belongs to a different user
  • D. When a table is dropped and is moved to the RECYCLE BIN, all indexes built on that table are permanently dropped
  • E. An update to a table can result in updates to any or all of the table's indexes
  • F. An update to a table can result in no updates to any of the table's indexes

Answer: B,D,E


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