1. Make use of your transactional emails 


Most of the brands make a mistake by simply sending the simple transaction email with the order number, tracking number, link, etc. Your transactional emails are the ones that your customer will open at any cost to get all the details. So, You can make use of it to advertise your most selling product in front of your audience. 

A post-purchase email has the highest chances of engagement than the normal marketing email. It means your transactional email will have your customer’s attention because they purchased from your store so they will look for every detail. 

Generally, an eCommerce website sends two different types of post-purchase emails: a transactional email and a thank you email. Remember you are competing with many e-commerce websites so you have to use unconventional ways to attract your customer’s attention to different products. 

You can use the data and depending on that you can offer some relatable products. For example, your customer has bought jeans from your eCommerce store then you can recommend them shoes, T-shirts, jackets that relate to the product they brought. Because those are the products that can encourage you the customer to visit back on your website to check the details.

If you look at the image then you analyze how Amazon is making a smart move by engaging their customer by offering the same kind of product in the transactional email. You can make use of this example to understand how this works and implement it in your marketing and branding strategy. 

2. Optimize your return policy 


Getting a product return notification can hurt your eCommerce business but an easy return policy will encourage your customer to make the future purchase for your website. According to the recent report, Zappos found that 95% of their customers who returned their product made their next purchase from the same store. 

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