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Architecture as well as Design

This objective will determine if you understand the role of IT frameworks, secure configuration guides, and best practices. Besides, it will also emphasize the skills listed below:

  • Significance of physical security controls;
  • Security implications associated with embedded systems.
  • The implementation of reliable concepts of network architecture;

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What's CompTIA SY0-501 Exam Outline?

The CompTIA SY0-501 exam content covers the following topics:

  • Tools as well as Technologies (22%);
  • Cryptography together with PKI (12%);
  • Vulnerabilities, Threats, and Attacks (21%).
  • Risk Management (14%);

The CompTIA SY0-501 test consists of up to 90 questions and the students will have exactly 90 minutes to clear all of them. However, doing so may be a challenge even for an expert as the questions will be in multiple-choice and performance-based formats. The minimum passing score is 750 points (100-900). This exam can be taken in Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, or English and costs $349 for US residents. Also, note that there is a newer version of this test available for taking, which has the same exam format and features but covers the advanced and updated content. It is coded, SY0-601, and starting November 12, 2020, will be launched to qualify students for the already mentioned CompTIA Security+ certification. For more information about this new exam and the entire Security+ learning path, you can visit the CompTIA website.

CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam Sample Questions (Q316-Q321):

A security analyst needs a solution that can execute potential malware in a restricted and isolated environment for analysis. In which of the following technologies is the analyst interested?

  • A. Sandboxing
  • B. Staging
  • C. Honeypot
  • D. DMZ

Answer: A

The security administrator has installed a new firewall which implements an implicit DENY policy by default.
Click on the firewall and configure it to allow ONLY the following communication.
1. The Accounting workstation can ONLY access the web server on the public network over the default HTTPS port. The accounting workstation should not access other networks.
2. The HR workstation should be restricted to communicate with the Financial server ONLY, over the default SCP port
3. The Admin workstation should ONLY be able to access the servers on the secure network over the default TFTP port.
Instructions: The firewall will process the rules in a top-down manner in order as a first match The port number must be typed in and only one port number can be entered per rule Type ANY for all ports. The original firewall configuration can be reset at any time by pressing the reset button. Once you have met the simulation requirements, click save and then Done to submit.
Hot Area:


Section: Network Security
Implicit deny is the default security stance that says if you aren't specifically granted access or privileges for a resource, you're denied access by default.Rule #1 allows the Accounting workstation to ONLY access the web server on the public network over the default HTTPS port, which is TCP port 443.Rule #2 allows the HR workstation to ONLY communicate with the Financial server over the default SCP port, which is TCP Port
22Rule #3 & Rule #4 allow the Admin workstation to ONLY access the Financial and Purchasing servers located on the secure network over the default TFTP port, which is Port 69.
James Michael, CompTIA Security+ Review Guide, Sybex, Indianapolis, 2014, pp. 26, 44

A security analyst wants to verify that a client-server (non-web) application is sending encrypted traffic. Which of the following should the analyst use?

  • A. netcat
  • B. hping
  • C. openssl
  • D. tcpdump

Answer: D

When it comes to cloud computing, if one of the requirements for a project is to have the most control over the systems in the cloud, which of the following is a service model that would be BEST suited for this goal?

  • A. Software
  • B. Virtualization
  • C. Infrastructure
  • D. Platform

Answer: C

A company hires a third-party firm to conduct an assessment of vulnerabilities exposed to the Internet. The firm informs the company that an exploit exists for an FTP server that had a version installed from eight years ago. The company has decided to keep the system online anyway, as no upgrade exists form the vendor.
Which of the following BEST describes the reason why the vulnerability exists?

  • A. End-of-life system
  • B. Zero-day threats
  • C. Default configuration
  • D. Weak cipher suite

Answer: A


Key SYO-501 Concepts: