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Our CSCP exam dumps will include those topics:

  • Supplier Management
  • Distribution channels
  • Customs
  • Customer

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CSCP Exam Requirements

To be eligible for the CSCP exam from ASCM, candidates must have already fulfilled one of the following requirements:

  • Have earned 3 years of business experience;
  • Must have an active CFPIM, CPIM, SCOR-P, CPM, CSM, or CPSM certification.
  • Should have a Bachelor's degree or similar training of an international equivalent;

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APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional Sample Questions (Q38-Q43):

The most effective means to measure customer loyalty would use which of the following approaches?

  • A. Determine the ability to satisfy a customer's delivery date
  • B. Monitor rate of call center activity
  • C. Conduct customer survey for direct feedback
  • D. Analyzing customer repurchase patterns

Answer: D

Direct shipment distribution typically offers which of the following advantages?

  • A. Lead times are reduced.
  • B. Service levels are increased.
  • C. Demand variability is reduced.
  • D. Risk pooling is facilitated.

Answer: A

Section: Supply Chain Strategy, Design, and Compliance

Which of these supply chain types would copier toner probably be distributed using?

  • A. process-centric
  • B. customer-centric
  • C. product-centric
  • D. functional-centric

Answer: D

What is the inventory turnover for a company with the following financial data?

  • A. 19.50
  • B. 8.03
  • C. 1.91
  • D. 4.64

Answer: C

Section: Mixed questions
Explanation/Reference: https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/070914/how-do-i-calculate-inventory-turnover-ratio.asp

A company that sells 60 units of product in a given year and has an average quantity on hand of 10 units. There are 360 selling days and 261 production days in the year. The company has on hand how many days of product inventory?

  • A. 0
  • B. 0.16
  • C. 1
  • D. 0.23

Answer: A


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