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Salesforce Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Compare and contrast various techniques and considerations for exporting data from Salesforce
  • Compare and contrast the different reasons for implementing Big Objects
Topic 2
  • Recommend appropriate techniques and methods for ensuring high data quality at load time
  • Data archiving and purging plan that is optimal for customer's data storage management needs
Topic 3
  • Compare and contrast various for designing techniques and considerations a data model for the Customer 360 platform
Topic 4
  • Decide when to use virtualised data and describe virtualised data options
  • Approaches and considerations for capturing and managing business and technical metadata
Topic 5
  • Design to effectively consolidate and
  • or leverage data from multiple Salesforce instances
  • Recommend an approach for designing a GDPR compliant data model
Topic 6
  • Given a customer scenario, recommend approaches and techniques to avoid data skew
  • Discuss the various options to identify, classify and protect personal and sensitive information
Topic 7
  • various approaches and considerations for designing and implementing an enterprise data governance program
  • Approaches and considerations for implementing Master Data Management Solutions

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Certification Path

Salesforce Administrator Certification is a prerequisite for this exam.

Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer Sample Questions (Q65-Q70):

North Trail Outfitters (NTD) is in the process of evaluating big objects to store large amounts of asset data from an external system. NTO will need to report on this asset data weekly.
Which two native tools should a data architect recommend to achieve this reporting requirement?

  • A. Einstein Analytics
  • B. Standard SOQL queries
  • C. Standard reports and dashboards
  • D. Async SOQL with a custom object

Answer: A,D

Due to security requirements, Universal Containers needs to capture specific user actions, such as login, logout, file attachment download, package install, etc. What is the recommended approach for defining a solution for this requirement?

  • A. Use Event Monitoring to capture these changes.
  • B. Use a field audit trail to capture field changes.
  • C. Use a custom object and trigger to capture changes.
  • D. Use a third-party AppExchange app to capture changes.

Answer: A

Cloud Kicks has the following requirements:
- Data needs to be sent from Salesforce to an external system to generate invoices from their Order Management System (OMS).
- A Salesforce administrator must be able to customize which fields will be sent to the external system without changing code.
What are two approaches for fulfilling these requirements? (Choose two.)

  • A. Turn on the field-level security permissions for the fields to send.
  • B. A Field Set that determines which fields to send in an HTTP callout.
  • C. An ObjectField to determine which fields to send in an HTTP callout.
  • D. An Outbound Message to determine which fields to send to the OMS.

Answer: B,D

UC has millions of Cases and are running out of storage. Some user groups need to have access to historical cases for up to 7 years.
Which 2 solutions should a data architect recommend in order to minimize performance and storage issues?
Choose 2 answers:

  • A. Leverage on premise data archival and build integration to view archived data.
  • B. Leverage big object to archive case data and lightning components to show archived data.
  • C. Create a custom object to store case history and run reports on it.
  • D. Export data out of salesforce and store in Flat files on external system.

Answer: A,B

UC has large amount of orders coming in from its online portal. Historically all order are assigned to a generic user.
Which 2 measures should data architect recommend to avoid any performance issues while working with large number of order records? Choose 2 answers:

  • A. Create a pool of generic users and distribute the assignment of memory to the pool of users.
  • B. Clear the role field in the generic user record.
  • C. Create a role at top of role hierarchy and assign the role to the generic user.
  • D. Salesforce handles the assignment of orders automatically and there is no performance impact.

Answer: B,C


Certification Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer Exam:

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