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IBM S1000-007 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Troubleshoot the file system
  • Manage devices and attributes
  • Manage basic system security
Topic 2
  • Use diag for basic troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Scheduling execution of commands using cron, at, batch
Topic 3
  • Manage services using System Resource Controller (SRC)
  • Define AIX management tools including SMIT
Topic 4
  • Manage network services with inetd
  • Performance Manaement & Tuning
Topic 5
  • Monitor for hardware and software messages using errpt, syslog and alog
  • Create and troubleshoot a shell script
Topic 6
  • Define basic IO performance concepts
  • Manage open source packages with rpm
Topic 7
  • Define the requirements to generate files for IBM support
  • Manage the AIX boot and shutdown sequence
Topic 8
  • Expand and monitor usage of the paging space
  • Define the process lifecycle and priorities
Topic 9
  • Explain the difference between logical, physical and virtual CPU
  • Document the systems configuration
Topic 10
  • Manage hosts and name resolution order
  • Manage file backups and file archives

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IBM AIX v7 Administrator Specialty Sample Questions (Q18-Q23):

What is a benefit of using mksysb to backup a system?

  • A. The image contains a backup of all volume groups and logical volumes.
  • B. The image contains a backup of all application and user data.
  • C. The image contains a backup of all file systems.
  • D. The image can be used to restore the rootvg volume group of the system.

Answer: B

Which user account is always UID 0 on AIX?

  • A. bin
  • B. root
  • C. admin
  • D. system

Answer: B

The root account is the special user in the /etc/passwd file with the user ID (UID) of 0 and is commonly given the user name, root. It is not the user name that makes the root account so special, but the UID value of 0. This means that any user that has a UID of 0 also has the same privileges as the root user. Also, the root account is always authenticated by means of the local security files.

An administrator starts an AIX LPAR and wants to monitor the boot process using the HMC console.
Which command in HMC SSH session lists all managed systems, LPARs on them and offers an easy way to open a console window to an AIX LPAR?

  • A. vtmenu
  • B. lssyscfg
  • C. lsrefcode
  • D. mkvterm

Answer: B

According to the IBM AIX v7 Administrator Specialty Study Guide, the lssyscfg command is used to display detailed information about a system configuration. It can also be used to open a virtual terminal session to an AIX LPAR.

An AIX administrator installed the fileset named useful_fileset. How can they determine which files are included in the fileset?

  • A. lslpp -f useful_fileset
  • B. lppchk -f useful fileset
  • C. file -f useful__fileset
  • D. rpm -qf useful_fileset

Answer: A

While trying to extend a file system named /work an administrator receives the following error. 0516-787 extendlv: Maximum allocation for logical volume fslv00 is 256.
What must be done to allow the file system to be extended?

  • A. Increase the volume group's maximum limit of logical partitions per logical volume.
  • B. Change the file system's maximum capacity.
  • C. Increase the setting for maximum number of logical partitions for that logical volume.
  • D. Change the logical volume type to jfs2 as JFS logical volumes cannot extend past 256.

Answer: C

This error indicates that the maximum number of logical partitions for the logical volume is set to 256 and needs to be increased in order to allow the file system to be extended. From the IBM AIX v7 Administrator Specialty Study Guide: "The 0516-787 error indicates that the maximum number of logical partitions for the logical volume is set to 256, and needs to be increased in order to allow the file system to be extended."


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