If you are a business, then you will know how important it is to harness the power of the mobile device. More and more people these days are moving from traditional methods to using their mobile devices for almost everything; from ordering their daily requirements of goods and services, to paying utility bills, to booking services (including doctors and medical care), people are now preferring the convenience and ease offered by mobile applications.


One of the biggest problems faced by companies that want to go into mobile application development for their business, is deciding which platform they should create it for. There are many different platforms being used these days, from Apple’s iOS to Android to Windows and Blackberry. However, two of the most commonly used are iOS and Android.


So, if you are thinking of building a mobile application together with reputed mobile application development companies in Sri Lanka, what platform should you use? Should you target users who prefer iOS devices or those who prefer Android?


Apple’s iOS Platform

Apple’s iPhone and other mobile devices are very popular among many especially those in the corporate world. With this demand for their devices comes the demand for iOS based mobile applications, which can be downloaded via the App Store.


Currently, the App Store boasts at having around 2.2 million apps on it, and with this many applications on their store, the company also publishes information regarding downloads and the popularity of their apps and platform to the general public every year. This proves the point of businesses wanting to develop their apps on iOS in order to generate more revenue etc.


So, what makes iOS so popular? Here are some of the advantages of designing mobile applications for this platform.

  • Higher revenue: It is no secret that iOS apps are able to generate a higher ROI in terms of revenue for any business. This is certainly one of the more important benefits for a company that is looking to develop an app and launch it into the market.
  • Enterprise data security: Apple has stringent security options that protect a business’ sensitive data that is lodged within their app. In addition, users of Apple devices find these far more secure to malware and hacking attacks than other types of platforms.
  • Higher standards: There is no doubt about it that Apple expects far higher standard from their apps than other platforms, as their main goal is to provide their users with seamless experience, without encountering any issues. Due to this, they have managed to gain themselves a huge loyal customer base which can be used to the advantage of businesses who want to develop a mobile application.
  • Different apps for different needs: Even though iPhone mobile application development services are more expensive, they still offer a more lucrative business solution for companies looking to harness the power of mobile applications.
  • Established client base: iOS has an established niche and client base which is an attractive benefit for app developers.
  • Great user experience: iOS applications offer an unparalleled user experience as opposed to other platforms, due to the stringent quality expectations from this platform.
  • Users are already tech-savvy: iPhone users are generally considered to be already tech-savvy, since these devices are far different from other ty Hence businesses that choose to develop applications on this platform can move ahead in leaps and bounds.
  • Easier testing: Due to the lower volume of Apple devices as opposed to Android, it is far easier to carry out testing on mobile applications made for this platform, helping companies to market their product much faster.
  • Higher market penetration: Apple is well established and have a legacy of their own, which guarantees success for businesses.
  • Less development time: It has been found that iOS development takes far less time than other types of development, including less testing time.
  • Secure transactions: iOS offers far more security when it comes to online transactions.


Android Mobile Application Development

One of the other major players when it comes to mobile application platforms is Android. There is no doubt about it that there are far more Android users in the market than there is iOS. This could be because these devices are far less costly and much simpler to use, than Apple’s more complex features.


For a company looking to develop a mobile application on the Android platform, here are some of the advantages.

  • Lower costs: Development teams are required only to pay a one-time registration fee, after which they can develop and test their application using any computer or device. This lower cost means a higher ROI for the business.
  • Faster development time: Android apps go through a rapid development cycle, offering a faster go-to-market option.
  • Can target multiple platforms: Since Android development uses Java, developers can target multiple platforms with the same app.
  • Highly versatile and scalable: Android Studio has helped scale up the platform’s flexibility and adaptability, helping it to integrate seamlessly with their entire environmen The mobile apps are highly versatile, being able to serve multiple purposes.
  • Customization: Android is an open-source platform that offers fantastic customisation capabilities for developers.
  • Security: Although many may argue that iOS offers far better security, in recent times Android has upped their game by offering high end security and privacy options to both developers and users.


What should you choose for your mobile app development?

As you can see, both Android and iOS have their own advantages, which may be attractive to businesses. However, deciding on which is best for each individual business will depend on their goals and requirements.


It is best to speak to your mobile app development company and discuss your business goals with them, and get their advice when it comes to which platform to choose.