The most efficient way to convert potential leads into long-term customers is through email marketing. Email marketing is the setting up of different email campaigns. These resonate with customers to make them more aware of and engaged with a brand. 

With the best email marketing tactic, a brand can ensure that its customers move seamlessly through the consumer life cycle. Customers are shown relevant information that is according to their needs and requirements through emails. With artificial intelligence, setting up and executing email marketing campaigns has become exponentially easier.

How to Setup the Best Email Marketing Campaigns

The best email marketing campaigns have specific targets in mind. This can either be making a customer aware of the brand and its products/services or generate a need that the brand fulfills. In short, email marketing is a tool that the best inbound marketing company in Pune regularly use. It converts leads into customers and then finally make a sale.

For setting up the best email marketing campaign, the steps are as follows:

Define Who Is Your Target

Who is going to open the email that you are sending? Defining the audience forms the base for understanding what is going through a customer’s mind. Creating a persona and then engaging them with attractive content in an email campaign is the first step. 

Inbound marketing companies in Pune do more than send emails in the dark, they segment audiences first. This segmentation leads to each customer going through a different email marketing campaign.

What is the purpose of the email? 

Without a purpose or a goal, there is no reason for sending an email. Is your email going to redirect a customer to the website, is it going to make them click on a product link, or is it a general awareness or reminder email? 

Understanding the goal of the email marketing campaign will better help in creating the content that goes in the mail and ensures that a customer opens it promptly. In short, what is the Call To Action (CTA) of your email?

Choose the Type of Email

While many think that email is standardized, there are different types of email formats available. Based on the brand’s purpose and target audience, these can be mixed and matched.

The type of email forms the base of the type of content that is to be written in the emails. Emails are not only about the content but are also about the graphics that go into it. Through the definition of the type of email – be it a newsletter, promotional message, advertisement, blog update, etc, the content is defined.

Write the Email

Building on the email content determines whether it is a successful email marketing campaign or not. The type of content that goes into the email support with the right graphics, not to forget the headline for the email is the pivot for determining the best email marketing campaign from the worst. 

A brand should spend more time and effort on this stage since it is the direct communication with potential customers.

Testing Phase

It is impossible to predict how a customer will perceive an email without testing, according to the best inbound marketing company in Pune. Testing shows how mail is going to be received by customers. It is important to consider the format, structure, placement of the CTA, and whether it is strategically advantageous for the brand.

Testing also gives an insight into the brand of whether the mail is according to the goals that it was set up to fulfill. Testing also estimates the opening rate, the click-through rate, and other important matrices.

How Has AI Changed Email Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence has changed the way that we see and perceive data. AI gives the best inbound marketing company in Pune insights that would otherwise go unnoticed. Marketing services in Pune have also added that AI collates and interprets data in a more systematic way to give result-oriented solutions. As such, it is the perfect tool for creating the best email marketing campaigns for a brand.

Through AI, one can easily:

  • Create a repository of personalized emails following a set of instructions that are fed into the AI.
  • Develop catchy subject lines that have the pre-requisite of having a high open rate and click-through rate.
  • Sort, segment, and clean out the list of email addresses for campaigns according to set targets.
  • Clean out their email list for faulty addresses and spams to make their open rates better.
  • Automate emails as per the behavior of the customer with said emails and streamline the entire process.
  • Optimize email sending time as per data-driven analytics of optimum view time.
  • Make sure the email has engaging content that adheres to the brand’s guidelines.
  • Retarget emails through analyzed data of the interaction of a potential lead with the email.

Integrating AI with Email Marketing

Artificial intelligence has made it possible to set up and perfect some of the best email marketing campaigns. The best inbound marketing company in Pune and other similar service agencies use AI regularly to ensure that their campaigns properly target and convert potential leads.

Through the integration of different AI tools for content writing and email marketing and by following the above-mentioned steps for setting up an email marketing campaign, it is easy to perfect a campaign. For campaigns to be successful in terms of conversion rate, marketing AI tools need to align campaign goals with campaigns.

To Conclude,

AI has enabled the creation of some of the best email marketing campaigns today. Some of the best marketing services in Pune use the intelligence of this software to analyze data. They generate unique and appealing content for customers that turns to an asset for the firm.

Email marketing continues to rise as one of the best ways to engage and retain customers. It is a critical aspect of the customer conversion journey and a key tool for brands to communicate with customers. There is no denying that the more personalized the communication between a brand and a customer is, the better the success rate of campaigns.

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