In the Alliance on the other hand, we suspected about WoTLK Gold Fimmel (Vikings) had a role, but now we know that he'll portray the protagonist for the Alliance, Lothar, a war hero who sacrifices everything to help save Azeroth.

During a special presentation during Blizzcon, World of Warcraft Director Duncan Jones said the movie will feature a lot of special effects that he described as "Avatar as well as Lord of the Rings at the same at the same time."

World of Warcraft will release in theaters in 3D on March 11. 2016.

World of Warcraft movie loses director

The World of Warcraft movie has had an unintended setback. CraveOnline spoke to Spider-Man director Sam Raimi at Comic-Con last week. There, the director said he was no longer associated with the forthcoming film based on Blizzard's online massively multiplayer role-playing game, due to his work on Oz: The Great and Powerful. Raimi has been announced as director of the World of Warcraft film director.

"Actually they don't want me to direct World of Warcraft anymore, because when I got the Oz job , they had to move on to another WoTLK Classic Gold director." Raimi said. "They must begin creating the game."