MetaMask is a browser extension also available as an application for mobile. MetaMask is the most secure extension for blockchain transactions. You can always control your transactions on MetaMask. MetaMask also generates keys and passwords on your preferred device so only you can access the account. It's your choice what you want to share and what information you want to keep private. 

In this blog, we will deal with the solutions regarding the steps to be followed in case of pending or stuck transactions. 

Procedure to be followed

  • Cancel the transaction

If the transaction is pending, you can try to cancel the transaction. Remember that the cancellation will only work if the status of that transaction is pending. 

  • Account Reset

Sometimes resetting of account also helps in case of pending transactions. Given below are the steps to be followed to reset your account. 

  1. Open your MetaMask Extension.
  2. Complete the process of MetaMask Sign In. 
  3. Then click on your account icon and search for settings. 
  4. Click on “Advanced”
  5. Now, scroll down until you find the Reset Account option.

      After following the above steps successfully, you will be able to Reset your account. 

  • Custom Nonce

While using this method you will need to keep in mind that you have to cancel the oldest transaction pending first. For example, you cannot try to cancel the transaction if a nonce 9 before canceling nonce 8. To perform this procedure, you have to follow the steps mentioned below. 

  1. Open your MetaMask browser.
  2. Complete the process of MetaMask Sign In.
  3. After this click on the settings option and then on “Advance Settings”. 
  4. Then check if the “Advance Gas Control” option is turned on or not. By using this option, you can cancel the transaction you prefer first then the transaction which was originally in line to be canceled. This option will not give any preference to the transactions according to their nonce. 
  5.  Make a new transaction. In this new transaction, you can make a new payment and try to increase your Gas fees so that it will prioritize this transaction. 

You have to set your gas limit higher than the original one. For example, if the gas fee in the previous transaction were 40 Gwei then in the transaction please change it to 45-50 Gwei. 

If you are confused about the Gas fees that should be paid with your transactions, then you should use the tools available online which will help you determine the correct price for every transaction. 

Final Words

MetaMask was released 7 years ago in 2016. It can be used on both Android and iOS. MetaMask only deals with Ethereum. For beginners, the MetaMask is a platform for them to start trading because of its simple and easy-to-use interface. Hope this blog solved all your queries relating to the steps to be followed in case your transaction is pending after MetaMask Sign In. But if your issue is still unresolved then please contact its customer support service.