The town is Nevesk in which Lilith's D2R Items impact on the inhabitants of Sanctuary is revealed. There's far more to her than simply being evil, which positions her apart as an intriguing opponent when compared to the other Great Evils from earlier Diablo games. Although her final plan isn't clear until the beginning of the game the game, her presence is instantly noticed and it was planned to be so by the team behind the development.

"By having you discover the story of what's going on and her effect on the world, you'll be able to understand her motives," explained game designer Joe Shely. "You learn to comprehend the goals she's trying to achieve and feel closer to her, and perhaps there's a hint of doubt there. you're thinking: watch Star Wars and go like Vader. Vader is right. I believe that the idea of getting more time the villains of the galaxy means that you'll have a more satisfying conclusion as you go through the story when you're through it."

Diablo 4 doesn't stray from the hack-and-slash gameplay that the series is famous for, but the gameplay feels more fluid and lively thanks to the evade feature. Introduced within Diablo 3, the evade button is more integrated into the new game. Certain enemies transmit attacks and allow the player to run away in response. The developers claim that as players advance, additional possibilities to avoid like being able to dodge multiple times at once, could be deactivated d2r items for sale.