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  • 6+ months experience as an RPA Developer
  • Technically proficient and possesses the knowledge/skills to work independently
  • Preferably completed formal training at an Advanced level with extensive hands-on experience

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UiPath Advanced RPA Developer v1.0 Exam (UiARD) Sample Questions (Q260-Q265):

You are invoking a workflow file called SecondaryWorkflow.xaml from PrimaryWorkflow.xaml. The following shows the Import Arguments panel of the Invoke Workflow File activity:
In addition, the following reflects the Arguments panel in SecondaryWorkflow.xaml:
You use a Log Message activity in "SecondaryWorkflow.xaml" to print the value of the argument "in_WelcomeMessage".
What is the expected result of executing "PrimaryWorkflow.xaml"?

  • A. Log message "Hi, I am passed from the Primary file"
  • B. Log message "Hi, I reside at the Secondary file"
  • C. A System.ArgumentException is thrown at the Invoke Workflow File activity
  • D. A System.InvalidCastException is thrown at the Invoke Workflow File activity

Answer: C

A developer created a process which extracts text from an element on an HTML website using a Get Text activity. The developer observed that the text can only be successfully extracted when the attribute "innertext" updates or changes from "false" to "true". The target element can take up to 20 seconds to load.
Which activity should be used before the Get Text activity to ensure the target element text can be extracted?

  • A. Set Web Attribute
  • B. Delay
  • C. Wait Attribute
  • D. On Element Appear

Answer: B

A developer creates a Dispatcher which extracts information from a Microsoft Excel file and uploads that information into an Orchestrator queue. What is the recommended way to avoid creating duplicate Queue Items?

  • A. Add a descriptive "Reference" in the Add Queue Item activity
    Check that it does not equal the "Reference" of the Queue Item last uploaded
  • B. Set the "Unique Reference" of the queue to "Yes"
    Add a descriptive "Reference" in the Add Queue Item activity
  • C. Set the "Unique Reference" of the queue to "No"
    Set "Auto Retry" of the queue to "Yes"
  • D. Create an Excel file of processed Queue Items
    Loop through the list to check if the current Queue Item to upload has been uploaded before

Answer: A

A developer wants to execute a macro stored in the UiPath_Raport2021.xlsm file. What will be the value of the result variable once the following sequence is executed?
Please find the properties of Execute Macro activity below
Please fin the macro "Calculate" below

  • A. An error will be thrown
  • B. 0
  • C. 1
  • D. null

Answer: D

This macro will not return any value to UiPath, so result variable will be a null. To return a value to UiPath, the developer needs to add Calculate = Result at the end of the macro. In this way, result variable will be be returned the value of th calculation - 6.
Exam Topic: Identify and describe how activities are used to automate actions in Excel, e-mail, and .pdfs

A developer uses Open Browser activity to launch UiPath Docs website. However, as the internet connection is unstable, the developer wraps it in a Retry Scope activity. Please choose the correct statement about this solution.
Please find the properties of Retry Scope activity below
Please find the properties of Open Browser activity below

  • A. With these settings, the robot will try to execute the Open Browser activity 4 times overall.
  • B. If the Element Exists activity returns False after all retries, an error will be thrown.
  • C. If the Element Exists activity returns False after all retries, the robot will continue the execution and no error will be thrown.
  • D. Each time the Browser is not opened, an error will be thrown.

Answer: B

NumberOfRetries property indicates how many times the activity will be executed overall. It is often misunderstood as 1 try + 3 retries (like in Orchestrator queues), however, it actually is simply 3 tries.
Even if Open Browser activity has ContinueOnError property set to True, it doesn't affect the Retry Scope, because Retry Scope activity has ContinueOnError set to False. So after 3 tries, if the required element still doesn't exist, the Retry Scope activity will throw an error.


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