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Adobe AD0-E318 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Given a scenario, recommend integration solutions to enable native and third-party integrations with Adobe Campaign Classic
  • Analyze and design custom features
Topic 2
  • Given a scenario, advise on the appropriate hardware infrastructure needed during solution design
  • Specify integration parameters and approach for Adobe and non-Adobe application integrations
Topic 3
  • Analyze the overall solution to determine technical risks, assumptions, issues and dependencies
  • Determine the solution design required to comply with laws and regulations
Topic 4
  • Determine the correct method for solution promotion to the respective environment
  • Given a scenario, provide performance, infrastructure, and configuration recommendations
Topic 5
  • Specify the Data Model and integration map design parameters for a Campaign solution with other customer tools
  • Analyze and design custom integrations

Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Master Sample Questions (Q27-Q32):

A client wants to protect PII data at recipient level for anyone that is not an Administrator.
What should the Architect do?

  • A. Add Visible with S{login) = '' admin to each PII attribute
  • B. Use Accessible with HasNamed Right = 'admin for each PII attribute
  • C. Add AccessibleIf with S{login) = '' admin to each PII attribute
  • D. Use Visible with HasNameRight= administrator' for each PII attribute

Answer: B

A client to enrich delivery data with additional custom information. The data will exist in a table will exist in a table named customDelivery, but will not be required for each delivery.
Which syntax be used?

  • A. Option D
  • B. Option B
  • C. Option A
  • D. Option C

Answer: C

A customer wants to display an offer on their website. Server by the unitary engine in Campaign aimed an unidentified visitors who browse a page.
The Architect needs to include response time of offers returned to the site, and scalability.
What should the Architect do?

  • A. Create a new Campaign instance dedicated to serving outbound interactions
  • B. Create a new instance of Campaign and local balance all of the processes
  • C. Increase the disk space the Campaign instance to improve DB performance.
  • D. Increase the amount of memory in the existing instance of Campaign

Answer: A

This will ensure that the response time for offers returned to the site is fast and that the server can handle an increased number of requests. Additionally, having a separate instance of Campaign dedicated to outbound interactions will improve scalability.

A customer wants to reusable way to personalize batch targeted emails using informationavailable in real time from an external system based on a Recipient attribute.
Which approach should the Architect use?

  • A. Create a custom schema, and within a workflow template, use an External Signal process to allow integration between the systems ensure the correct firewall permissions are in place configure a SQL Code process to save he result.
  • B. Configure FDA and an associated API Gateway to access and within a Campaign template, create a deliveryMapping schema extension using a system Operator with JavaScript right to poll the service
  • C. Create a JavaScript server page template to enable https calls to the external service, ensure url permission is correctly configured for the external service endpoint, and create a JavaScript library function leveraging xtkSession to write the return value into the work table.
  • D. Configure a urlPermission node for the external service, configure a Javascript activity calling external service for each temp table record. Write to worktable attribute. Use targetData syntax to insert into the delivery, and save the workflow as a template.

Answer: D

A client wants to protect PII data at recipient level for anyone that is not an Administrator.
What should the Architect do?

  • A. Use Accessible with HasNamed Right = 'admin for each PII attribute
  • B. Add Visible with S{login) = '' admin to each PII attribute
  • C. Use Visible with HasNameRight= administrator' for each PII attribute
  • D. Add AccessibleIf with S{login) = '' admin to each PII attribute

Answer: D

This will ensure that the PII data is only visible to administrators, while all other users will be restricted from accessing the data. Additionally, this will also ensure that the PII data is protected at the recipient level, as the AccessibleIf condition will prevent anyone other than administrators from viewing the data.


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