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Candidate of the ISC CCSP exam will have the following opportunities

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Few points you should know about the CCSP exam:

It is a computerized test which you will take in a secluded room with a proctor. You have to schedule your CCSP exam at least three working days in advance. CCSP Dumps recommends that you should review the types of questions that could appear on the test beforehand. Study for the entire 4 hours, because it is graded pass/fail. No breaks, but you can leave when your timer goes off. Show up 15 minutes before the scheduled exam and verify your identity. Bring an ID and a printout of the confirmation email. Do not bring anything else to the testing center, even if you are sure it is allowed. The testing center is locked off from the rest of the office space. Dress professionally and have comfortable shoes, so you can walk around for 4 hours straight. You can bring a snack or drink into the testing center, but not a phone or anything electronic. When your test begins, log in with your barcode and PIN. When you log in, you will go through an orientation with a series of tutorials. You can skip the orientation if you know what to do, and it will not count against your time. You should take a screenshot of the login window with your notes entered before starting. The clock starts with your click of Begin Test. The testing program is time-sensitive and will not wait for you to finish reading a question. If you make a mistake typing in your answers, answer the question that shows up instead of re-typing your answer. You will be timed by the testing program, but you can time yourself down to the second. You must answer all questions in a section within 33 minutes before you can move to the next section. Furthermore, you will use the keyboard rather than a pencil, so get comfortable! There are periodic breaks throughout the test where you will be given 2 to 5 minutes after every 60 minutes. The entire test is 4 hours long, and you must stay for the full-time period or your marks will not count. 10% of your overall scores are root in handwriting, with no option for automation. You will receive pass/fail scores from the testing program immediately after you finish. The CCSP certification's validity is for three years. You have to renew it before the deadline of years. For the renewal of the CCSP certificate, candidates must get 90 CPE credits (For each year of the renewal cycle, 30 CPE credits are essential) before the certification expires. CPE is called Continuing professional education. We can earn CPE (Continuing professional education) by attending seminars and workshops, Webinars, and on-demand courses.

ISC Certified Cloud Security Professional Sample Questions (Q339-Q344):

Your application has been a continued target for SQL injection attempts. Which of the following technologies would be best used to combat the likeliness of a successful SQL injection exploit from occurring?

  • A. WAF
  • B. Sandbox
  • C. Firewall
  • D. XML accelerator

Answer: A

What is the amount of fuel that should be on hand to power generators for backup datacenter power, in all tiers, according to the Uptime Institute?

  • A. 1,000 gallons
  • B. As much as needed to ensure all systems may be gracefully shut down and data securely stored
  • C. 12 hours
  • D. 0

Answer: C

DLP can be combined with what other security technology to enhance data controls?

  • A. Hypervisors
  • B. SIEM
  • C. DRM
  • D. Kerberos

Answer: C

Within an Infrastructure as a Service model, which of the following would NOT be a measured service?

  • A. Number of users
  • B. CPU
  • C. Memory
  • D. Storage

Answer: A

Within IaaS, the number of users on a system is not relevant to the particular hosting model in regard to cloud resources. IaaS is focused on infrastructure needs of a system or application.
Therefore, a factor such as the number of users that could affect licensing requirements, for example, would apply to the SaaS model, or in some instances to PaaS.

What is the intellectual property protection for a useful manufacturing innovation?

  • A. patent
  • B. Trade secret
  • C. Trademark
  • D. Copyright

Answer: A

Patents protect processes (as well as inventions, new plantlife, and decorative patterns). The other answers listed are answers to other questions.


Latest CCSP Exam Pattern: