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ServiceNow CAD Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Create and use Application Properties
  • Design and implement a data model
Topic 2
  • Automatically create application Access Controls
  • Import data in CSV or Excel format
Topic 3
  • Restrict access to applications and application modules
  • Manually create, test, and debug Access Controls
Topic 4
  • Use GlideSystem methods to script security
  • Create, design, and customize forms
Topic 5
  • Write, test, and debug Workflow and Flow Designer
  • Determine if an application is a good fit with ServiceNow
Topic 6
  • Use Application Scope to protect application artifacts
  • Write, test, and debug client-side scripts for desktop

Certified Application Developer - ServiceNow Training and Certification

Preparation Guide for ServiceNow CAD Certification Exam


The ServiceNow Certified Application Developer Exam certifies the candidate having the skills and essential knowledge to develop applications and solve business problems.

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ServiceNow Certified Application Developer-ServiceNow Sample Questions (Q28-Q33):

What is a Module?

  • A. A way of helping users quickly access information and services by filtering the items in the Application Navigator
  • B. A web-based way of providing software to end-users
  • C. A group of menus, or pages, providing related information and functionality to end-users
  • D. The functionality within an application menu such as opening a page in the content frame or a separate tab or window

Answer: A

Which one of the following is true regarding Application Scope?

  • A. Applications downloaded from 3rd party ServiceNow application developers cannot have naming conflicts
  • B. All applications are automatically part of the Global scope
  • C. Developers can choose the prefix for a scope's namespace
  • D. Any developer can edit any application

Answer: C

Reference https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/orlando-application-development/page/build/applications/ concept/c_ApplicationScope.html#r_ExampleNamespaceIdentifiers

One of the uses of the ServiceNow REST API Explorer is:

  • A. Convert SOAP Message functions to REST methods
  • B. Create sample code for sending REST requests to ServiceNow
  • C. Find resources on the web for learning about REST
  • D. Practice using REST to interact with public data providers

Answer: B

Explanation/Reference: https://developer.servicenow.com/dev.do#!/learn/courses/newyork/ app_store_learnv2_rest_newyork_rest_integrations/ app_store_learnv2_rest_newyork_inbound_rest_integrations/ app_store_learnv2_rest_newyork_introduction_to_the_rest_api_explorer

How can an application link to a repository behind a firewall?

  • A. Link an application to source control with multi-factor authentication.
  • B. Link an application to source control through an access token.
  • C. This option is not supported.
  • D. Link an application to source control through a MID Server.

Answer: D

"Use an existing MID Server to connect to a Source Control repository. Linking or importing an application through a MID Server enables access to repositories behind a firewall." https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/tokyo-application-development/page/build/applications/concept/c_SourceControlIntegration.html

Which one of the following is true for a table with the "Allow configuration" Application Access option selected?

  • A. Out of scope applications can create Business Rules for the table
  • B. Out of scope applications can add new tables to the scoped application
  • C. Any user with the application's user role can modify the application's scripts
  • D. Only the in scope application's scripts can create Business Rules for the table

Answer: A


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