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ISQI CTAL-ATT Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Apply data-driven and keyword-driven test techniques to develop automated test scripts
  • Apply test-driven development (TDD) in the context of a given example in an Agile project
Topic 2
  • Describe the requirements engineering techniques and how they can help testers
  • Analyze user stories and epics to create test charters
Topic 3
  • Explain differences between Mission critical and non-critical
  • Apply behavior-driven development (BDD) in the context of a given user story in an Agile project
Topic 4
  • Understand how to apply test automation to a given test approach in an Agile environment
  • Understand differences between various test approaches
Topic 5
  • Understand the benefits of service virtualization
  • Understand the characteristics of a Unit test
  • Describe the elicitation techniques
Topic 6
  • Understand the concept of service virtualization and its role in Agile projects
  • Analyze user stories and epics using requirements engineering techniques
Topic 7
  • Understand the challenges of test automation in agile settings
  • Understand practical task-list for Refactoring Test cases
Topic 8
  • Understand the importance of refactoring test cases in Agile projects
  • Apply continuous integration (CI) and summarize its impact on testing activities

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ISQI ISTQB Advanced Level Agile Technical Tester Sample Questions (Q30-Q35):

You have been asked to supply the data file for a data-driven test automation script that will be used to test the following story:
As a customer I want to be told how many items I need to purchase, so I can receive free shipping You have been told the automation will verify whether or not the free shipping message is displayed. Which of the following columns should appear in your data file to support the automated testing of this story?

  • A. customer name # items, price of items, total shipping cost
  • B. item ID quantity purchased free shipping (y/n), item shipping cost total shipping cost
  • C. item ID quantity purchased free shipping (y/n)
  • D. quantity purchased, free shipping (y/n), total shipping cost

Answer: B

Which of the following best describes when the test automation suite should be updated in order to keep up with the development of new/changed software?

  • A. At the end of each iteration after the completion of manual testing
  • B. At the start of each iteration during planning
  • C. During each iteration as the code is received
  • D. At the end of each release during regression testing

Answer: C

Which of the following is a correct statement?

  • A. Test automation is a methodology
  • B. Test automation is a strategy
  • C. Test automation is a procedure
  • D. Test automation is a test objective

Answer: A

Which of the following is an example of how continuous testing facilitates continuous delivery?

  • A. Automated testing removes the need to report defects so the code can move more quickly toward production
  • B. Continuous testing is the process that delivers the code to the test environment
  • C. Continuous testing supports continuous delivery to production by constantly regression testing the software in the production environment so problems are identified quickly
  • D. Automated testing conducted in the delivery environment helps validate that the delivery has been successful

Answer: C

You have been working as a tester in an Agile team You have found that the user stories are being defined by the team but it is still unclear what will be a successful outcome Even after story elaboration you are still unclear as to what a story should do As a result, you're not really sure what to test or to know when you'll be done with testing This problem is becoming worse as completed stories are showcased but the product owner is unhappy with the results You've looked into the matter further and the comments from the product owner indicate that features are missing from the stories.The story is functioning correctly within the limited definition of the story but the product owner is expecting more functionality, such as error handling that isn't being defined in the story What technique should you implement that would help to further define the product owner's expectations and alleviate the issues that are arising during the show cases?

  • A. TDD by the developers before they begin coding
  • B. ATDD by the team to better define the requirements
  • C. A combination of TDD and BDD by the team to improve the pre-build testing
  • D. BDD by the developers when unit tests are being created

Answer: B


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