SAP的C-IBP-2208考試認證是當代眾多考試認證中最有價值的考試認證之一,在近幾十年裏,電腦科學教育已獲得了世界各地人們絕大多數的關注,它每天都是IT資訊技術領域的必要一部分,所以IT人士通過SAP的C-IBP-2208考試認證來提高自己的知識,然後在各個領域突破。而NewDumps SAP的C-IBP-2208考試認證試題及答案正是他們所需要的,因為想要通過這項測試並不容易的,選擇適當的捷徑只是為了保證成功,NewDumps正是為了你們的成功而存在的,選擇NewDumps等於選擇成功,我們NewDumps提供的試題及答案是NewDumps的IT精英通過研究與實踐而得到的,擁有了超過計畫10年的IT認證經驗。

SAP C-IBP-2208 考試大綱:

主題 1
  • Optimize inventory in the supply chain utilizing algorithms that derive inventory targets
  • Create and use key figures and attributes
主題 2
  • Define and view information with user-defined charts and dashboards
  • General Configuration of a Planning Area
主題 3
  • Describe how IBP extends the logic of S&OP in the network using advanced demand
  • Use the Fiori Launchpad to customize the UI, work with Excel UI
主題 4
  • Create statistical forecast using historical data with basic methods
  • Supply planning integrated with financial plans
主題 5
  • Describe the benefits of implementing SAP's Integrated Business Planning solution
  • Configure supply planning, run various solvers to generate planning result

>> C-IBP-2208真題材料 <<


如果你的預算是有限的,但需要完整的價值包,不如嘗試一下我們NewDumps SAP的C-IBP-2208考試培訓資料。我們NewDumps可以為你的IT認證保駕護航,是目前網路上最受歡迎的最可行的培訓資料網站,C-IBP-2208考試是你職業生涯中的一個里程碑,在這種競爭激烈的世界裏,它比以往任何時候都顯得比較重要,我們保證讓你一次輕鬆的通過考試,也讓你以後的工作及日常工作變得有滋有味。還可以幫你挖掘到許多新的途徑和機會。這實在對著起這個價錢,它所創造的價值遠遠大於這個金錢。

最新的 SAP Certified Application Associate C-IBP-2208 免費考試真題 (Q56-Q61):

問題 #56
You want to display and edit data in different Units of Measure (UOM).Which of the following must you consider before you use the UOM?Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.

  • A. Analytics provide the user with the option to select the target unit of measure.
  • B. Units of measure are usually not time-independent.
  • C. Unit of measure is an attribute of a master data type, such as Product.
  • D. Conversion to the target unit of measure is handled by SAP IBP Excel UI
  • E. Units of measure are usually not time-dependent.


問題 #57
What are some of the prerequisites for configuring a planning area that results in a successful consistency check?Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

  • A. Assign the compound master data type and its component master data types.
  • B. Configure at least one calculated key figure for the planning area.
  • C. Specify a planning horizon in the planning area for each level of the assigned time profile.
  • D. Configure at most two input key figures on the same planning level in a key figure calculation.


問題 #58
You are modeling a new product introduction.Which of the following steps can be part of your modeling process in the Manage Product Lifecycle app?Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

  • A. Copy the launch dimension from the reference product to the new product
  • B. Create planning objects for new combinations in the app
  • C. Enter the Phase-out Start Date and Phase-out End Date
  • D. Enter the product family to which the new product belongs


問題 #59
What function would you use to configure a year-to-date calculation?

  • A. Rolling Aggregation
  • B. Dynamic Rolling Aggregation
  • C. Cumulative Aggregation
  • D. Last Period Aggregation


問題 #60
What are some of the available ABC segmentation methods in SAP IBP?Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

  • A. By Pareto Principle (Sorted and Cumulated %)
  • B. By Pareto Principle (Sorted and Calculated Values)
  • C. By Number of Items (Sorted Values)
  • D. By Number of Items (Sorted Average)


問題 #61