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CompTIA SY0-601: Exam Details

The CompTIA SY0-601 test has the allocated duration of 90 minutes. It comprises of 90 questions that are presented in two formats: multiple choice and performance-based. The candidates should get a minimum score of 750 on a scale of 100-900 to pass the exam and get the certificate. The test can be done in English and Japanese. For registration for this certification exam, the applicants need to visit the Pearson VUE website and submit the required fee, which amounts to $370. The test can be taken as an online proctored exam or at one of the Pearson VUE centers located globally. If an individual is unable to pass the test at the first attempt, there are chances for retakes. Each retake requires purchasing a separate voucher. There is no waiting period set by CompTIA for the first and second retakes. However, after the third attempt, the students need to wait for 14 calendar days before they can sit for the exam again.

CompTIA SY0-601 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Identify strategies developed by cyber adversaries to attack networks and hosts and the countermeasures deployed to defend them
Topic 2
  • Know the technologies and uses of cryptographic standards and products
  • Describe the standards and products used to enforce security on web and communications technologies
Topic 3
  • Describe how wireless and remote access security is enforced
  • Identify strategies for ensuring business continuity, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery
Topic 4
  • Summarize application and coding vulnerabilities and identify development and deployment methods designed to mitigate them
  • Install and configure network- and host-based security technologies
Topic 5
  • Understand the principles of organizational security and the elements of effective security policies

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CompTIA Security+ Exam Sample Questions (Q659-Q664):

To further secure a company's email system, an administrator is adding public keys to DNS records in the company's domain Which of the following is being used?

  • B. PFS
  • C. DMARC
  • D. SPF

Answer: D

An organization has implemented a policy requiring the use of conductive metal lockboxes for personal electronic devices outside of a secure research lab. Which of the following did the organization determine to be the GREATEST risk to intellectual property when creating this policy?

  • A. Bluesnarfing of mobile devices
  • B. The theft of portable electronic devices
  • C. Geotagging in the metadata of images
  • D. Data exfiltration over a mobile hotspot
    Section: (none)

Answer: D

A security analyst has been reading about a newly discovered cyber attack from a known threat actor. Which of the following would BEST support the analyst's review of the tactics, techniques, and protocols the threat actor was observed using in previous campaigns?

  • A. The MITRE ATT&CK framework
  • B. Security research publications
  • C. The Cyber Kill Chain
  • D. The Diamond Model of Intrusion Analysis

Answer: A

A company's bank has reported that multiple corporate credit cards have been stolen over the past several weeks. The bank has provided the names of the affected cardholders to the company's forensics team to assist in the cyber-incident investigation.
An incident responder learns the following information:
* The timeline of stolen card numbers corresponds closely with affected users making Internet-based purchases from diverse websites via enterprise desktop PCs.
* All purchase connections were encrypted, and the company uses an SSL inspection proxy for the
* inspection of encrypted traffic of the hardwired network.
* Purchases made with corporate cards over the corporate guest WiFi network, where no SSL inspection occurs, were unaffected.
Which of the following is the MOST likely root cause?

  • A. The adversary has not yet established a presence on the guest WiFi network
  • B. The payment providers are insecurely processing credit card charges
  • C. HTTPS sessions are being downgraded to insecure cipher suites
  • D. The SSL inspection proxy is feeding events to a compromised SIEM

Answer: B

ir security team received a report of copyright infringement from the IP space of the corporate network. The report provided a precise time stamp for the incident as well as the name of the copyrighted file"sThe analyst has been tasked with determining the infringing source machine and instructed to implement measures to prevent such incidents from occurring again. Which of the following is MOST capable of accomplishing both tasks?

  • A. NGFW
  • B. TPM
  • C. HIDS
  • D. Allow list

Answer: B


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