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VMware 2V0-33.22 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Deploy and configure VMware HCX appliances
  • Understand the concept of different types of segments (compute and management)
Topic 2
  • Describe networking in the software-defined data center (SDDC)
  • Differentiate between VMware Cloud connectivity options
Topic 3
  • Describe the VMware Cloud operating model
  • Understand configuration sizing requirements for a VMware Cloud SDDC
Topic 4
  • Describe how VMware and its hyperscaler partners address IT challenges
  • Explain the functions of Kubernetes components
Topic 5
  • Understand hyperscaler networking considerations
  • Set up Hybrid Linked Mode using the VMware Cloud Gateway Appliance
Topic 6
  • Explain the benefits of cloud computing
  • Describe the different backup and disaster recovery options for VMware Cloud
Topic 7
  • Explain a high availability and resilient infrastructure
  • Describe the functions of VMware Tanzu products in Kubernetes life cycle management
Topic 8
  • Understand the concept of dynamic SDDC scale-out
  • Recognize update and upgrade responsibilities of various components for VMware Cloud on AWS
Topic 9
  • Create and manage user account and role permissions
  • Recognize management and operational responsibilities in VMware Cloud on AWS
Topic 10
  • Troubleshoot networking issues
  • etermine the appropriate network connectivity option for connecting to and from VMware Cloud
Topic 11
  • Describe use cases for VMware Cloud on Dell EMC and VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts
  • Explain Hybrid Linked Mode for the VMware SDDC
Topic 12
  • Describe the purpose of using Kubernetes
  • Explain the NSX architecture in VMware Cloud

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VMware Cloud Professional Sample Questions (Q82-Q87):

As per company policy, all administrator level accounts need to have their password changed on a regular basis. The [email protected] account password is changed by an administrator from the vSphere Client.
Another administrator is using the credentials in the VMware Cloud console and gets an 'access denied' error.
What could be the problem?

  • A. The password should only be changed through the VMware Cloud console.
  • B. The new password is NOT synchronized with the password that is displayed for the Default vCenter user account.
  • C. The password should be changed by escalation of privileges.
  • D. The password change email confirmation has NOT been approved by the organization owner.

Answer: B

The problem could be that the new password is not synchronized with the password that is displayed for the Default vCenter user account. The administrator must make sure that the same password is used in both the vSphere Client and the VMware Cloud console in order for the user to access the account. Changing the password in one place does not automatically change it in the other, so this must be done manually.

A customer is concerned about threats propagating out to their cloud disaster recovery site. Which VMware Cloud solution offers the capability for an operational air-gap to stop ransomware?

  • A. VMware Secure Access Service Edge
  • B. VMware Site Recovery
  • C. VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery
  • D. VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension

Answer: A,C

What is the purpose of the VMware Cloud on AWS Compute Gateway (CGW)?

  • A. A Tier-0 router that handles routing and firewalling for the VMware vCenter Server and other management appliances running in the software-defined data center (SDDC)
  • B. A Tier-0 router that handles workload traffic that is connected to routed compute network segments
  • C. A Tier-1 router that handles workload traffic that is connected to routed compute network segments
  • D. A Tier-1 router that handles routing and firewalling for the VMware vCenter Server and other management appliances running in the software-defined data center (SDDC)

Answer: C

Compute Gateway (CGW) The CGW is a Tier 1 router that handles network traffic for workload VMs connected to routed compute network segments. Compute gateway firewall rules, along with NAT rules, run on the Tier 0 router. In the default configuration, these rules block all traffic to and from compute network segments (see Configure Compute Gateway Networking and Security).

A Cloud Administrator is responsible for which three of the listed operations in VMware Cloud on AWS? (Choose three.)

  • A. VMware Tools Updates
  • B. VMWare NSX Manager Updates
  • C. VMware vCenter Server Updates
  • D. Hardware Bios / Firmware Updates
  • E. Guest Operating System Updates
  • F. Network Connectivity

Answer: A,E,F

A cloud administrator needs to configure a VM storage policy for virtual machines that will host a business critical application. The environment consists of a single cluster with six hosts. The application is storage I/O intensive and redundancy must be provided at the highest level possible.
Which VM storage policy settings should the administrator configure to meet these requirements?

  • A. RAID-5
  • B. RAID-1 FTT = 3
  • C. RAID-1 FTT = 2
  • D. RAID-6

Answer: D



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