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Registration Process

To register for the exam, one should pay a fee. It is $405 for PMI members and $555 for non-members. Once you settle the fee, you get an approval and confirmation email from PMI, containing your PMI Eligibility ID that would let you schedule the test at Prometric Center. You can then book your preferred exam slot. Keep in mind that the seats are limited and are usually confirmed on a first-come-first-served basis.

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The Project Management Institute (PMI), based in the United States, is a nonprofit organization that offers a wide range of certification programs. Their certificates target professionals belonging to various levels of experience and education. For example, Project Management Professional (PMP)® is one of the options for candidates with some practical background in the field.

In a world that is ever-changing, the certification like PMP ensures that professionals can successfully meet the project’s and employers’ demands across the globe. A PMI certified specialist can work in virtually any industry, any region in the world, and apply any project management methodology.

Meet the Prerequisites

To fulfill the eligibility requirements for the PMP® certification, one must have a 4-year degree and supplement it with 3 years of hands-on experience in leading projects. Also, at least 35 hours of training are mandatory in this case. If you have only an associate’s degree or a high school diploma, prerequisite working experience raises up to 5 years, along with the same 35 hours of education.

PMI Project Management Professional (2022 Version) Sample Questions (Q26-Q31):

Identify Stakeholders is the process of identifying all of the people or organizations impacted by the project and documenting relevant information regarding their interests in, involvement in, and impact on the project:

  • A. scope.
  • B. manager.
  • C. success.
  • D. deadline.

Answer: C

Section: Initiation

Uncertainty refers to a situation where:

  • A. neither the outcomes nor their probabilities are known
  • B. the outcomes and their probabilities are known
  • C. states of nature can change at any time
  • D. the outcomes are known but their probabilities are high
  • E. probabilities of various states of nature can change at any time

Answer: A

You are a member of a project selection committee that uses the net present value technique.
Using this approach, the project is acceptable if the______________

  • A. Gross present value of all future expected cash flow divided by the initial cash investment is greater than one
  • B. Sum of the net present value of all estimated cash flow during the life of the project equals the profit
  • C. Net present value of the inflow is greater than the specified amount or percentage threshold
  • D. Net present value of the inflow is less than the specified amount or percentage threshold

Answer: C

The discounted cash-flow approach--or the present value method--determines the net present value of all cash flow by discounting it by the required rate of return. The impact of inflation can be considered. Early in the life of a project, net cash flow is likely to be negative because the major outflow is the initial investment in the project. If the project is successful, cash flow will become positive.

During the implementation phase of a construction project the customer asked a key subcontractor to deliver a work package ahead of time The subcontractor was not prepared for it and asked the project manager for additional budget What should the project manager do first?

  • A. Update the risk register and project log. and manage the budget closely.
  • B. Revise the project scope accordingly to cope with the budget changes
  • C. Submit a change request to accelerate the project as requested
  • D. Ask upper management for more funds and update the project budget

Answer: C

Which one of the following is a key input to the define activities process?

  • A. Project scope statement
  • B. Project charter
  • C. Project management plan
  • D. Project scope baseline

Answer: D

Section: Mix Questions
The scope baseline made up of the scope statement, WBS, and WBS dictionary is a key input to the define activities process and are used to develop the activity list that subsequently will help to create the schedule.


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