What is lead acid battery used for?
Lead acid batteries can be found in a wide variety of applications including small scale power storage such as UPS systems, starting lighting and ignition power sources for automobiles, along with large, grid-scale power systems.
Despite being relatively heavy, lead-acid batteries are still preferred over other lightweight options owing to their ability to deliver large surges of electricity (which is required to start a cold engine in an automobile).
Lead-acid batteries provide a quick power boost in a short time. Hence, they dominate the automotive aftermarket. In the automotive industry, lead-acid battery is the only available battery technology for scalable link interface (SLI) applications due to its high cold-cranking performance. 
The lead-acid batteries are the most consolidated technology, offering a competitive cost, high reliability and most importantly, since they do not require regular checking of the electrolyte level, they have been considered 'maintenance free batteries'.…More»

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