YouTube is among the most popular social media platforms around the world. YouTube is a hugely popular site, so many users have many opinions about the site. Many of these opinions are myths and spread around the world. The method is most often used by those who buy views on youtube. This means that YouTube views can be bought by budding YouTubers or businesses.

It doesn't matter how concerned you are about it. Here are five of the most effective and most commonly used tips for gaining YouTube views. Let's get started.

There is nothing such as genuine YouTube views

One of the most common misconceptions regarding buying YouTube views is that they can be fake and not real. This is false.

A lot of YouTube views are fake. However many sites provide genuine, trustworthy and genuine views. It is important to be vigilant and don't be fooled by fake views sellers, and rather choose to buy YouTube views that are genuine.

It is illegal to buy YouTube views

A lot of people are against the notion that buying youtube views is legal, and claim it to be illegal and therefore unacceptable. This is false.

The act of buying boost youtube views is legally permissible, as long as that they originate from legal sources and are genuine. As such, it is important to keep in mind of the notion of buying genuine YouTube views for boosting the visibility of your content on YouTube.

YouTube views bought will be removed/channel

Some people also claim that buying YouTube views could cause your YouTube video being removed and your channel being shut down. Unfortunately, these individuals don't understand the distinction between fake and real views. True views on YouTube shouldn't cause any penalties from YouTube because your views are real. YouTube won't delete your YouTube account or your channel because of your real views.

The viewer count will not be greater than 301.

This is a ridiculous and widely-true fact. Sometimes, YouTube may temporarily freeze the number of viewers for an individual video, which is set at 301. This is not an issue and should not last for a long time.

YouTube checks the sources and legitimacy of views when a video reaches 301 views according to its algorithm. So if your views are genuine you'll get an update on your viewers shortly.

Organically growing your views is always beneficial.

Some YouTubers think that organically increasing your views is best. But, that's not always the scenario. It's hard to know when organic growth will occur. It's possible that you're in a predicament before things get out of hand in the event that you wait for views to increase organically. For the initial push you require, buying YouTube views is the ideal option.

Here are five things you shouldn't believe when it comes to purchasing YouTube views. Tell us what else you've got in your head.