Signs drive sales, direct customers to your business, and make or break brand authority. With so much at stake, it is critical that you find the right sign shop.

Buying local is always best, since it eliminates delivery delays and shipping cost, and lends itself to better product recommendations, quality control, and collaboration. But with so many Conroe sign companies to choose from, how do you know you are in good hands?

That is what today’s post is all about. Citing consumer focused research by the International Sign Association, we run down 5 simple quality indicators you can use to separate the best from the rest.

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How To Find The Best Conroe Sign Companies: Top-5 Signs Of Success

  1.   The Best Conroe Sign Companies Have A Large Selection

You might want to start small with a single sign type, but you never know what the future holds! Finding a sign shop with a large selection makes it easy to scale your sign system, since you’ll have worked together before, and they will have your logo design still on hand. You will also eliminate the risks of incompatibilities and imperfect color/material matches, which can make your sign system look less cohesive.

Broad selection also indicates broad expertise with multiple sign types, which means your sign expert will be more knowledgeable with sign repairs, retrofits, and recommendations.

To evaluate the breadth of your chosen company’s catalog (and expertise), simply visit their website and navigate to the Products page.

  1.   The Best Conroe Sign Companies Have Proven Results

In 2023, when everyone is carrying a camera with internet access in their pocket, any sign company worth their salt will have an Online Gallery available for you to see.

If possible, take a few minutes to peruse their portfolio. If you have time, the International Sign Association (ISA) also recommends that you “ask your sign company for a list of signs that it has installed in the area and visit them in person.”

Of course, sign results only tell you one half of the story, leaving you with no idea of the company’s project management and customer service skills. To evaluate these beforehand, try to find some online reviews. If possible, look for third party Google reviews, since reviewers need to register their accounts and all posts are archived, allowing you to review their post history and easily spot bots. Additionally, Google reviews often feature images of the work, and they cannot be modified by the shop owners like testimonials posted on their website.

The team at the Custom Sign & Graphics Haus encourages you to check out some of our recent customer feedback. We’re proud to have earned a perfect 5-star Google rating, and our reviews speak for themselves!

  1.   The Best Conroe Sign Companies Provide Permitting Support

Most signs require permits, and those that are exempt must still abide by the design and installation standards stipulated in your local sign code. Failure to observe these rules and obtain the necessary permit could result in your sign being impounded or, in the case of stake type signs, disposed of immediately, forcing you to pay extra remediation/replacement costs, along with potential noncompliance fines.

To simplify the application process and keep your signs compliant with local codes, you should try to find a shop that provides permitting support.

  1.   The Best Conroe Sign Companies Handle Installation

 “Signs are not typically a do it yourself project, unless you are only adding a handful of simple interior signs,” states the ISA.

DIY installation attempts can leave you with imperfect results and potential sign code violations, and they can even be dangerous, involving working at heights, electrification, and heavy duty overhead work.

But when you choose the Custom Sign & Graphics Haus, it’s all taken care of! We provide full support with all sign installations, including site selection, surface preparation, hardware procurement, and mounting.

  1.   The Best Conroe Sign Companies Have Large Format Printers

Large format printing opens up a wide range of cost effective, super portable, easy to install sign options, such as banners, flags, and graphics, to name a few. But it also gives you much greater sign customization capabilities, since you can use digitally printed graphics on ACM, acrylic, and many other materials to add photo realistic, high definition accents, logos, and images.

When evaluating the company’s large format printing capabilities, look for:

  • Color matching / spectrophotometer technology in house
  • Modern digital design software to simplify collaboration
  • High DPI / resolution for crisp, high quality images
  • Speedy output that does not compromise on quality

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