Traditional gum surgery is a tale of the old times. With a laser-assisted new attachment procedure (LANAP), your LANAP periodontist near me will use a laser to target and remove decayed or infected tissue. You dont need to be concerned about scalpels and painful gum tissue. Instead, LANAP offers a far less invasive procedure with faster recovery times. 


How does LANAP take place? 


Your medical specialist at Laser Dental Clinic Near Me will probe your gums to establish the degree of therapy required for each tooth. They have a laser that blasts the harmful microorganisms that cause infections. After removing disease-causing tartar with ultrasonic scalers and other tools, the gum tissue is once more connected to the root using a laser. 



To further inhibit the development of new tartar, grind down a portion of the tooth. According to Houston Dental Clinic, one session of three to four hours can treat your mouth. Most patients don't even need painkillers to resume regular activities within a day because there isn't any cutting involved.


What should we expect from recovery? 


Traditional treatments for periodontitis or contaminated implants may require several weeks to recover. You can return to normal with the LANAP procedure near me in a few days. You'll initially need to refrain from brushing, flossing, and eating sticky or hard food. After a few days, you'll be able to resume your regular diet and dental care.


Visiting the periodontist after treatment


Making a dentist visit following LANAP therapy is essential to guarantee that the results last longer. Even while treatment effectively reduces or eliminates harmful gum tissue, the disease may reappear if post-treatment maintenance is neglected. After LANAP treatment near me, your dentist will likely urge or require routine periodontal maintenance appointments. They will check for gum issues, clean the teeth and gums, and offer home care instructions to maintain healthy gums.


Are you a good candidate for LANAP? 


Suppose your gum disease isn't too advanced. In that case, lanap surgery near me offers a simple remedy that can non-invasively restore your gum's health. There are no downsides, and a quick recovery lets you return to your previous, healthier way of life. Traditional gum surgery doesn't need to be unpleasant. Find a qualified periodontist with LANAP training as soon as possible, and discuss your treatment choices with them.


Do gums regrow after the LANAP procedure? 


It may be present if you have noticed signs of gum disease such as swollen gums, chronic bad breath, receded gums, or bleeding gums after cleaning your teeth. If you are told you have gum disease, your periodontist will go over your treatment options.



Although it can reach 15 mm in cases of severe gum disease, gum line recession varies from 2-4 mm. While gum recession is this severe, it may be uncomfortable to eat or drink, especially when ingesting hot or cold food or beverages. Gum disease is not reversible spontaneously. Consequently, it's imperative to seek therapy as soon as feasible.




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