The Construction Industry in India is constantly contributing to the nation’s GDP. To illustrate, experts often participate in major projections concerning the upcoming market value of this sector. Parallelly, heavy-duty equipment manufacturers are constantly launching new products to surpass on-site jobs’ productivity and output. Amid this scenario, CAT and Mahindra Backhoe Loaders have become two of the most sought-after loader brands in India. Rightly so, these brands offer durability and efficient performance while being extremely versatile. 

Featuring Top 2 Mahindra & CAT Backhoe Loaders in India

Mahindra Earthmaster SX IV

This is one of the most popular backhoe loader models in India. Rightly so, the model comes equipped with high-advanced features. To begin with, this Mahindra backhoe loader has an operating weight of 11000 Kg. Moreover, the digging depth capacity of this model is around 4959 mm. Both these features together ensure maximum work output at construction and mining sites. Additionally, this model significantly reduces downtime while increasing efficiency, thanks to its dump height capacity of 2708 mm. Above all, its price range is between Rs. 31 to 33 Lakhs in India. 

CAT 424 B

Soon after the launch, this backhoe loader model became popular among infra professionals in India. This is because the machine has a massive lifting capacity of 3451 Kg. This particular attribute has significantly surpassed work productivity within the Indian construction industry. Additionally, this CAT backhoe loader comes with an operating weight of 8000 Kg. Moreover, it can dig as deep as 2000mm. However, the best part is its price range. To illustrate, the model comes within a price range of Rs. 44-46 Lakhs. 

Hence, we can say that both the backhoe loaders are indeed worth purchasing, given their features. So, are you planning to buy any of these equipment? Then visit Infra Junction to review these models and make a smart purchase.