More and more Japanese men are falling in love with silicone dolls, with the result that the fertility rate in Japan is falling and more and more Japanese men are unwilling to face the demands of their significant other in order to avoid lovemaking. Instead of talking about true love, they prefer to look for "true love" in dolls.

According to AFP, Ozaki, a 45-year-old Japanese physical therapist, has lost his passion for marriage and found a strange outlet to fill the emptiness inside. The silicone sex doll is said to sleep with Ozaki and live under the same roof with his wife and teenage daughter.

He said: "We haven't had an intimate relationship since my wife gave birth to our daughter and I felt very lonely at the time.

Ozaki pushed the sex doll to dates in a wheelchair and helped her dress sexy and wear a variety of wigs and jewelry. "When I saw Jennifer in the showroom, it was love at first sight. My wife was very angry when she came home with Jennifer. But recently she was forced to accept it."

He added that his daughter was completely shocked to find out Jennifer wasn't a giant Barbie.

Ozaki also admitted that he was disgusted with human relationships and that "Japanese girls are hard-hearted and selfish. When the men come home, they only find someone to listen to their complaints, but not all the time.”

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Ozaki's wife Riho tries everything to ignore the doll. She says: “I will continue to do housework. I will cook, clean and wash. I don't want to sleep with sex.”

According to market insiders, around 2,000 silicone-dyed dolls are sold annually on the Japanese market for around 6,000 euros. They have adjustable fingers, detachable heads and genitals.

The CEO of a company that makes sex dolls said: "There is a big difference between the dolls of today and the dolls of the 1970s. The dolls now feel very real, like real skin. More and more boys are buying lifelike sex dolls because they believe they can communicate. and sex dolls.”

These sex dolls are very popular with disabled guests, bereaved and doll lovers. Some men even use the dolls to avoid lovesickness.

Nakajima, a 62-year-old Japanese man with two children, says, "People really ask for a lot, like money or commitment." Nakajima's relationship with the silicone sex doll has broken the family, but he still doesn't want to give up the doll. His wife has banned the doll from the house and his daughter is against it, but his son has accepted the reality.

Nakajima believes he has found true love and believes the sex doll is a real person. He says: "I will not cheat or be ashamed because I see her as a human being.