Do you know “What the SAFUU acronym stands for?” No need to worry about it if you’re not familiar with it as I am here to let you know.

If you are a crypto trader you should be well-versed with Safuu as it can play a crucial role in your trading journey.

Safuu- which stands for ‘Sustainable Asset Fund for Universal Users’ is a decentralized financial platform to facilitate its users with the world’s first auto-staking level 1 blockchain, native coin SAFUU as well as special rewards for sacrificing the SAFUU token. 

The offerings of this platform are not limited here, but you can also avail of the facility of participating in racing as it has its own racing team- Safuu Racing. If you need a high-yield yearly return, you should know that Safuu auto-staking protocol (SAP) is able to do this and this is the reason why it is considered a key offering of Saffu.

Heading toward the key point of our blog- How can you import SAFUU with MetaMask? We will learn the complete method later on but before that let me tell you that MetaMask is a web-based crypto wallet that is used to secure ETH-based tokens. 

Here are the ways to import MetaMask with SAFUU

To do this, we can follow a number of pathways, all you have to do is navigate through the methods mentioned and follow whichever you prefer. 

1st Method

  1. First of all, ensure that you are working currently on the BSC network.
  2. Now, visit
  3. Here you’ll be able to see SAFUU at the upper side of the prompted page.
  4. Press and hit the button “Add token to wallet”.

2nd Method

  1. After ensuring you are on the BSC network, go to the SAFUU contract address.
  2. Here is the address if you’re not able to find it. 
  3. SAFUU contract address:

  1. Now, hit the triple dots available on the Profile summary page.
  2. Next, after following the needful prompts, click on the "Add Token to Web3 Wallet".

3rd Method

  1. Connect the BSC network to MetaMask first.
  2. Go to the MetaMask app and hit the option “Import tokens”.
  3. You’ll need the SAFUU contract address here, here it is:


  1. After pasting the token address, follow the further prompts and you’ll be able to add SAFUU in MetaMask.

4th Method 

  1. You can visit the CMC page of Safuu by clicking the URL
  2. Now, click on the MetaMask icon and follow the prompts to add SAFUU into MetaMask.
  3. Keep in mind that you can only do this if you are on BSC Network.

Bottom Line!

After going through this read, you have enough notion about Safuu as well as the several methods of importing SAFUU tokens into MetaMask. So, if you are a Safuu user and want to hold your SAFUU tokens in your MetaMask wallet, you can do it easily by following this read.