Ionic framework is the latest technology that offers an easy-to-build mobile application for iOS, Android, Desktop, and progressive web applications using stander web technology in today’s time.

Ionic is an open-source HTML5 framework for creating hybrid mobile applications. The hybrid application offers many advantages compared with native applications that offer speed and platform support for your development.


What is Ionic?

Ionic is a cross-platform open-source framework written using HTML5, JavaScript, and  CSS that is considered Ionic as a User Interface framework that operates UI interaction of applications combined with native mobile app components.

Ionic offers some tools for native iOS app development and Android apps development and progressive web applications (PWA) using web libraries, frameworks, and programming languages.


Ionic Capacitor: - is a free open-source cross-platform for native iOS and Android application development. Ionic capacitor helps for accessing common device features with JavaScript and is done with access to the native operating systems when you need it.


Ionic Framework: - is expend capacitor through providing libraries for mobile-optimized UI and mobile routing, navigation, gestures, and animations. Ionic framework work with specific JavaScript including with ReactJs, AngularJs, and VueJs.

As a mobile app development company, we offer our clients to best results for their app and web development and as per the requirement Ionic is the best framework for hybrid mobile app development.


Advantages of Ionic framework

1. Open-source

For building a hybrid application Ionic is the best option with a free open-source mobile app development framework. Ionic works differently than other open-source frameworks can’t do.  As an open-source frameworks Ionic work with steady, fast, and dependable outputs.


2. Cross-platform

Ionic is used for cross-platform hybrid app development that provides less code, is effective and resourceful to build an application that runs smoothly on many mobile application platforms.


3. UI/UX design

Ionic better works for UI and UX design as it works as a frontend framework for a user interface that includes HTML, JavaScript, and CSS for design components. That is suitable for developing an interactive and user-friendly mobile application.


4. AngularJS Support

Ionic is supported by AngularJS and extends the HTML, Syntax, and Angular JS that offers a more manageable code structure. For progressive web app development, Ionic framework uses AngularJs to develop a high-performing PWA. Also, Angular JS offers many outstanding functionalities to designers.


5. Native plugins

Ionic framework used for native mobile app development and complete access to native APIs and Plugins that offer native user experience for mobile applications. Ionic support approximately 120 native tools like Finger Print AUTH, Bluetooth, and other with Cordova plugins.


6. CLI support

Ionic framework supports a better command line interface or CLI with built-in server support that helps to operate various commands.


7. App Integration

Ionic offers top-level app integration that enables the sharing of information and process between multiple apps. This help to coordinate their process and collaborate its function with cloud applications.


8. Performance

Ionic framework uses native mobile app code in PhoneGap (Cordova) and offers high-performance result comparison with the hybrid application. With AngularJs Ionic provides native hardware acceleration. CSS helps to speed up the GPU and optimize the processor time.

Bottom line

Modern technology demand hybrid mobile application that Ionic framework full fill to build a mobile application with native features. Using Ionic framework runs smoothly on different operating systems. Ionic framework also offers app development a fast and cost-effective process and minimizes the requirement of maintenance. Hire an Ionic app development company that provides suitable and profit-oriented mobile app development solutions for your enterprise.