A set of printer drivers is the basis of communication between a device and a printer. A serious issue that prohibits your printer from printing or doing any other operation is indicated by the presence of a printer driver issue, such as Canon Printer Driver Unavailable. Regardless of the printer's brand—HP, Canon, Brother, Epson, or another—the methods for troubleshooting the problem are the same. The driver is just not accessible. As a consequence, read the troubleshooting instructions below and follow them to fix the problem if you are also getting the message "Windows printer driver is unavailable" on your screen. This page helps users whose printer first refuses to print because the driver is unavailable. We'll go through every possible resolution for Windows driver not available problems.

What Are The Reasons Behind The Error "Canon Printer Driver Is Unavailable?"

The error message "Driver is Unavailable For Canon Printer" indicates that the installed printer drivers on the Windows PC are not operational or active. This indicates that even while there are straightforward fixes, the problem might be brought on by a faulty, missing, or outdated driver. When printer drivers are deactivated or not installed, printer issues such as driver not available might also appear. There are several reasons for the problem message "Canon Printer Driver Unavailable on Windows." The most common reasons are shown in the list below:

  • Windows missing printer drivers
  • older or inefficient drivers
  • programmes that are inconsistent or lack printer drivers
  • corrupted drivers
  • A problem in Windows requires an upgrade.
  • Among other things, installing a new printer driver incorrectly might result in an incompatible print driver.

How To Fix Printer Driver Is Unavailable On Windows

There are several ways to fix the "Windows printer driver is unavailable" or "driver not available printer" issue. All of your printer drivers should be installed appropriately from reliable sources. Also, make sure your Windows computer meets the system requirements before installing any drivers. With the help of the following instructions, learn how to solve it. Moreover, start with the first suggestion and go on to the second if the first doesn't work for you. Let's fix the printer driver issue.

Fix 1: Reconnecting your printer to your Windows computer.

It's not always the case that if your printer says the driver is missing, it truly is; there might also be a connectivity issue. The printer won't be able to detect anything on the PC and won't be able to print if your Windows computer and printer are not properly linked. So try connecting the two devices once more.

  • You may reach Control Panel from the Windows menu.
  • The Hardware and Sound menu's "View devices and printers" option should be selected.
  • By executing a right-click on the name of your printer model, you may remove the device from the context menu.
  • Click Yes on the UAC screen.
  • Your PC's list of devices no longer includes your printer. After disconnecting the USB, wait for five minutes.
  • Reconnect the printer to your computer via USB or wifi and then try printing once again.

This strategy is perfect and suitable for plug-and-play printers. If the reconnecting remedy does not cure the problem with the inaccessible printer driver, try fix 2.

Fix 2: Look for and install appropriate printer drivers

Drivers that are out of current are the most common cause of the driver not available issue, and upgrading these drivers is the best fix. We've recommended utilising a Driver Updater tool to automatically find and update the correct printer drivers on your Windows computer.

  • Download the Driver Updater Pro application right away.
  • After opening the driverupdaterprosetup.exe file, double-click it.
  • Choose Yes and then Next to accept the installation.
  • Accepting the licence agreement will allow you to finish the installation.
  • Start Driver Updater Pro on your Windows machine to run an automated scan.
  • The missing and outdated drivers are listed.
  • Choose FIX NOW to update the printer driver.
  • Wait for the suitable printer driver to install.

Fix 3: Use Windows to manually update the printer driver


Manually upgrading the driver might be time-consuming for certain users. But, a manual update could be helpful if an automated update fails and your printer indicates "driver unavailable."

  • R and Windows should be combined.
  • After entering it there, put devmgmt.msc into the box.
  • The Start Menu is another way to access Device Management.
  • After choosing your printing device, pick the Print Queues option.
  • When you right-click the printer name, a context menu will appear. Choose Update Driver.
  • By clicking the driver, you can get the Microsoft wushowhide.diagcab setup.
  • After completing the setup, select the option to hide updates.
  • If the printer driver update option is displayed on the screen, it's time to click the next button.
  • Install drivers on your Windows PC to fix the Windows printer driver is not available problem.

Try the next solution if the issue has not been fixed.

Fix 4: Reinstall printer drivers from the supplier to finish fixing problem.

To fix printer driver issues, utilise the manual installation method. You must visit the website where you may download the drivers for your printer in order to finish this process. Furthermore, make sure you choose the right gateway. If not, there may be a greater risk of downloading viruses or malware.

  • Then, remove any corrupt or obsolete drivers.
  • Download PC cleaning pro to automatically fix faulty printer drivers.
  • There are also the manual steps outlined below.
  • Choose Programs by pressing Windows + I.
  • Next choose Uninstall after locating the printer drivers.
  • then go to the manufacturer's website for your specific printer brand.
  • Download your printer's most recent version.
  • The driver ought to be installed and started by Windows.

An automated search for any problematic files and extra Windows files is performed by PC Cleaner Pro. It could also assist you in getting rid of pointless files and drivers before installing fresh printer drivers. If reinstallation did not cure the issue and the "Windows printer driver is unavailable" error still appears, use a troubleshooter to identify the issue.

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